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This is a copy of the Nance Genealogy Clearinghouse as it existed in 2004 (!!).  For this reason, many links and email addresses no longer work or no longer point to useful information, and many opinions and theories mentioned  here have been made questionable because more recently developed evidence undercuts them. 

Please understand that I am  not able to spend the time that would be necessary to bring this resource up to date, or to respond to questions that Nance family genealogists might have about things they either find (or don't find)  here.  This is just intended  to revive this resource so it is once again accessible.

Good hunting everybody!

Welcome to the Nance Genealogy Clearinghouse!  This site contains information on the history and genealogy of the Nance family in America.  Follow the links in the column on the right to see what's available here.

Nance Genealogy Resources -- This site was established in 1997 as a place to facilitate the sharing of information about Nance genealogy.  At that time, the resources available for doing genealogical research on the internet, and for finding and sharing information with others researching the same names, were limited.  In the intervening years, though, many more Nance-genealogy-related websites have been developed.  

Two particularly important resources for vital records and other data about Nances,  are the Nance Library at the website of Sonia Nance Kinback, and the Genealogy Website of Robert L. Nance.

Two other good resources for communication and exchange of information between Nance researchers are the Nance Family Forum at GenForum (at: ) and the Nance Message Board at (at: ). These are both fairly active forums and there is a good chance that someone with helpful information will be able to respond to queries posted there.

Another resource is the Nance Mailing List. To subscribe to the Nance Mailing List, send an e-mail to:  containing just the word "subscribe" in the message.  For more information, you can also contact Sonia Nance Kinback, who is the List Moderator, through her website.


Links -- Other websites with Nance genealogy info

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Gazetteer -- About places named "Nance"

Genealogies -- Info about  Nance family genealogies

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Articles --  Longer pieces on Nance genealogy:

The Home of Reuben Nance -- The house he lived in
Was Richard from St. Clement?
Cornish origins
James W. Nance of Milam Co., TX --
info & pics
James Nance letters, transcribed --
from the 1830's
Papers of John Nance -
1716 Will of John Nance -
Will, Inventory
The Nance Farm in Cornwall -
info and photos
A (tentative) 17th C. Nance "Tree" -
my guesses
Richard Nance - really here by 1620? -
how early?
David Nance, NC Rev. Vet - Not
Capt. Thomas Nance --
did he exist?
Elizabeth --
a 1st generation Nance?
Cornish Nance Genealogy
by Pete Nance
Unbreaking The Circle:
Connecting it up...
Nance Coat of Arms --
Where's it from?
Wm. Howe Nance's Rural Vale --
Constantine P. Nance
-- (b.1838)
Nance Family Genealogical Notes--
re: Zach (b.1760)
James Blanton Nance
-- (b.1839)
Union Nance soldiers --
A unique group
David Nance's kids
-- setting the record straight 

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