The ancestral home of REUBEN NANCE

This is a reproduction of the contents of a report on the ancestral home of Reuben Nance (b. 1745 - d. 1812), contained in the "Virginia Historical Inventory" database of the Library of Virginia's Digital Library program. 

The document was the product of a project of the Works Progress Administration (W. P. A.) to inventory items of historical interest -- including old buildings -- in Virginia. 

This report is of interest primarily because it describes what is (or was) apparently the actual house the Reuben Nance lived in, as well as describing its location precisely.  It is important to note, though, that this report dates to 1937 -- 64 years ago.  Whether the house is still standing, I do not know.

There is little of direct genealogical interest in the report, but two points are of interest. The owner of the property after 1825, Benjamin A. Marshall, is almost certainly the Benjamin Marshall who married Reuben Nance's daughter Nancy (b. 22 Mar. 1804) in 1826. Also, this report mentions that there is "an old graveyard in the yard". It would seem likely, that this is the burial place of Reuben Nance, and probably others of his line.



County: Henry

Class:  Home


This write-up is part of the Virginia W. P. A. Historical Inventory Project sponsored by the Virginia Conservation Commission under the direction of its Division of History. Credit to both the Commission and the W. P. A. is requested for publication, in whole or in part. Unless otherwise stated, this information has not been checked for accuracy by the sponsor

Research made by
Kizzie D. Carter
Martinsville, VA 

April 19, 1937



"G. L. Carter Home Place."
Formerly "Ruben Nance Home."


2 miles east of Martinsville, Va. On Route # 58; thence north on Route #57 2 miles. House on west side of road.

3. DATE: 

First deed was in 1778. 


Ruben Nance            1778
Ruben Nance's Heirs    1812
Benjamin A. Marshall   1825
Reuben D. Marshall     1850
William D. Stultz      1850
G. L. Carter           1905  present owner.


This house is in the shape of a square, with three rooms down and one up.  It is very attractive, two-story, frame house. There are two fifteen-pane windows in the front and one in the rear.

The ceilings and walls were plastered but recently have been papered. The room upstairs is very small and dark and the only light comes from two half size windows, with four panes each, placed near the chimneys. A new porch has been added in front, and on the side a small stoop over the steps leads into the side of the house. This was built to keep out the rain.

There was an old kitchen in the yard but this has been torn down and a new one built in the house. 

There is an old graveyard in the yard but the markings have entirely faded and some have fallen in.



7. ART: 



In Henry County Clerks Office at Martinsville, Va.

Deed Book  1   Page 194
Deed Book 13   Page 130; 682; 724
Deed Book 33   Page 149
Will Book  2   Page 163
Verna Smith, daughter of the present owner.



Name of Building:  G. L. Carter Home 

Location:  2 mi. E. of Martinsville, Va. On U. S. #58, thence N. on Rt. 57 2 mi., house on west side of route.

County: Henry        Date:   April 19, 1937


1. Building Plan:  Square 

2. No. of Stories:  (2)  Attic classed as 1/2 story 

3. Material:  Frame 

4. If brick, state what bond 

5. Kind of roof:  Gabled 

6. If Church, describe or draw sketch of roof 

7. Roof material:  Was Shingle, now Metal 

8. Chimneys:  2, Brick.  Location: At the sides 

9. Weatherboarding:  Plain 

10. Cornices: Plain or Elaborate:  Plain 

11 Windows:  Number: 3   Size and number of panes:  45 panes  9x12 down 

13. Shutters:  None 

14. Porch: One, small, added in front. 

15.  Type of Entrance:  Low, wide pine doorway, very plain 

16. Columns:  None


17. Rooms:  3  Small.  Approx. ceiling height 8 feet. 

18. Stairway:  Closed string. Plain, enclosed with a closet underneath. 

19. Cellar: None 

20. Doors: Style and type of wood: Low, wide uniform planks of pine. 

21. Walls:  Were plastered but are now papered. 

22. Interior cornices:  Plain 

23. Hardware:  Lock and hinges:  wide locks, common hinges, brass knobs and keys 

24. Floors: Wide uniform planks of pine 

25. Mantels: Plain with wide ledges;  one is paneled.

26. Misc.

27. Present condition, and state if spoiled architecturally by remodeling: No. This house is in wonderful condition, having recently been painted and done over.

28. Does occupant appreciate old architectural features?  Yes.

Your name:  Kizzie D. Carter

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