Nance Family Genealogical Notes of
Parthena W. (Nance) Hill (1816-1898)
with annotations

Introduction -- This is a transcription of notes written by Parthena W. (Nance) Hill, of Petersburg, Illinois, in 1895. The notes relate to the Nance family of Charles City County, Virginia, and allied families in New Kent and James City counties, Virginia, as well as Kentucky and Illinois. Other surnames mentioned include Bingley, Morris, and Sherman.

[Note: The line here extends from ZACHARIAH NANCE, b. ?, m. Susanah Sherman, d.1771; to his son ZACHARIAH NANCE, b. 1760, m.(2) Elizabeth (Morris) Bingley, d. 1835; to their daughter PARTHENA W. NANCE. How the Elder Zachariah is connected to other early Nances is not clear. I would appreciate any thoughts on the matter!]

This transcription was prepared from a photocopy of the original, which is contained in the Library of Virginia Genealogical Notes Collection ("Nance family genealogical notes", 1895, Accession No 34001).

Most of the words were written and reproduced clearly enough that reading them was not difficult. In the cases in which I was unsure of a word or part of a word, it is enclosed in brackets and is followed by a question mark. In the cases in which I had no idea at all what the word was, I have substituted a question mark in brackets.

I have tried to retain all of the spelling, capitalization and underlining as it appears in the original. The punctuation has generally been retained, except that in some cases I have added commas to indicate breaks implied by the format of the original. I have also attempted to retain some of the format of the original entries, in respect to matters such as paragraph breaks, etc., but I have added or omitted paragraph breaks in some locations for the sake of clarity or to reflect organization I believe was intended by the author.

I have received some comments and additional information about the details addressed in these notes. I have added a Notes section following the transcription, in which this additional information is provided. Rather than correct Parthena's errors in the transcription, I have left them as they are, and put in links to the footnotes that concern the errors. Similarly, links are added to notes which provide additional information bearing on persons named here.

Our Family Record

Copyed from various old papers and letters in my possession.

Copyed by
P. W. Hill
Petersburg, Illinois.

For her niece
N. J. Wyatt
of Ashland Illinois.

Oct. 1895

Petersburg Illinois
Oct. 1895
Dear Niece,

I have copyed all that I think will be of interest to you.

I have taken pleasure in doing it.

When you remember that the hands that did the work are over 79 years old I know you will excuse all imperfections.

Lovingly, P. W. Hill

Written for

Mrs. N. J. Wyatt,

My Father Zachariah Nance was born May 5th 1760 in Charles City County Virginia.

My Father's Father (My Grandfather Nance) Zachariah Nance was a carpenter and wheelwright by trade. He married Susanah Duke Sherman and settled on a farm in the above named County and State where he lived until Jan. 1771 he died leaving his wife and six children.

Their names were James, John, Elizabeth, William, Susanah and Zachariah.

James married four times and died after the year 1804. His widow married a Mr. Porter of Richmond Virginia.

John the 2d son was twice married -- he died in the fall of 1806.

Elizabeth married John Hall. He was manager of the noted Holt's Forge in New Kent County Virginia. He afterwards moved down below York Town in [?] County. He was with Washington at Braddock's Defeat, 1755.

William married a Miss Parrish -- died in 1806 leaving a widow and several children.

Susannah was born about the year 1758 -- She married Stephen Shell. We shall hear of Uncle and Aunt Shell again.

Zachariah, my father, was the youngest child but as his history will appear in the following pages I will speak of his uncles as next in order.

My Father recollects that his uncle William Nance moved to Halifax County, Va. at an early period but how many children he left is not known but he remembered one son (Thomas) and a Son-in-law named Tucker who visited New Kent Co. after the Revolution.

He remembered that they were looking after their interest in the [Vaughn's?] estate at that time.

My grandmother Nance had five brothers and two sisters with whom my father was personally acquainted.

Her brother's names were Michal, [Maston?], Thomas, John and William Sherman.

Her Sister's names not given.

Grandmother Nance lived a widow nine years. She was greatly burdened with flesh weighing 311 pounds. I think I have heard my father say she died sitting in her chair in her ususal health.

My Father was also quite fleshy. His weight was about 244 pounds. He served three years in the Revolutionary War. He was at the "Storming of Stony Point"

My Mother, Elizabeth Morris, was daughter of John Morris and grandaughter of Mrs. Mary Turner of James City County Virginia. My great-grandmother Mary Turner was in the 94th of her age when she died.

My Grand Father John Morris had four daughters and five or Six or Seven Sons. His daughter's names were Mary, Susanah, Elizabeth (my mother) and Mildred. His sons were Joshua, Samuel, Henry, John, Turner, &c.

Joshua Morris my mother's oldest brother was a Baptist Preacher and lived in Richmond VA. before the Revolution. He afterwards lived in Bardstown Kentucky. Died there. He was married four times. He lived to be quite old. Mrs. Jesse K. Dubois of Springfield Illinois was his granddaughter.

John Morris was mother's favorite brother I think and he was near her own age too. He lived for a long time and died in Galitan County Ky. Mrs. William P. Grimsby of Springfield Ills. and Mrs. Gardner of Sangamon County Illinois were his daughters. Mrs. J. H. Pillsbury of Petersburg Illinois and Mrs. Keys of Springfield are his grandaughters. Joseph Wallace of Springfield is a Grand Son.

Henry Morris lived in Union County Kentucky for a long time and then moved to Cass County Illinois. He and his wife and two sons died on Pecan Bottom, Cass County Illinois.

He went deranged many years before his death --- as long as he lived he had strange notions. His son John was also deranged and had to be confined for many years before he died.

Mother's oldest sister Mary Morris married [Daniel?] Jones. They lived and died near old Williamsburg, Virginia. They were very wealthy. I think they had quite a large family of children but none lived to be old except William and [Paske?] although Several were married and left children.

Susanah, another sister, was twice married. Her first husband's name was Dudley Keen. Their children and grandchildren did live in Indiana and Ohio. Her second husband's name was George [Gaddy?]. This was the only one of my aunts I ever knew. They lived in Green County Ky for many years.

Mildred Morris was Mother's youngest sister. She married Harrison Ratliff. I think they lived and porbably died in Pennsylvania. They had no children. Aunt Mildred belonged to the Baptist Church before she married. Mr. Ratliff was a Quaker and would not go to the Baptist Church. In course of time Aunt joined the Quakers and became quite a noted preacher. They traveled around a good deal, she preaching as they went. They went to Europe twice during these preaching tours.

My Mother, Elizabeth Morris, was twice married. Each of her husbands served three years in the Revolutionary War. She received a pension for a few years before she died. She was a member of the Baptist Church and a True Christian woman.

My Father Zachariah Nance Born May 5, 1760 in Charles City County Virginia . Married Jane Wilkins Dec. 31st 1785 New Kent County Virginia. Died. This wife died Dec. 17th 1800. Married Elizabeth Bingley formerly Elizabeth Morris Dec. 15th 1802 James City County Virginia.

They Emigrated to Green County Kentucky in 1806. Lived there 26 years. In Autumn 1832 they again Emigrated to Sangamon County Illinois. Bought the farm now owned by their Grand Son Albert Galiton Nance and lived there until Dec. 22nd 1835 My Father died.

My Mother Elizabeth Nance Died Jan 11th 1850 At my house in Petersburg Illinois. Father and Mother and my brother Cary Nance are buried at Farmer's Point Cemetery at Petersburg Illinois. At the time of my father's death this was Sangamon County.

My Mother. Elizabeth Morris Born in 1771 or in the first part of 1772 in James City Co. Virginia. She married Lewis Bingley Feb. 28th 1788 In James City County Virginia. (Footnote: Declaration of Elizabeth (Bingley) Nance for Lewis Bingley's Pension)Lewis Bingley died Oct 13th 1799. She married My Father, Zachariah Nance, Dec. 15th 1802 James City County Virginia. My Mother Died January 11 1850 in Menard County Illinois.

My Father enjoyed good health though he was greatly burdened with flesh. His usual weight was 244 pounds. I never remember to have seen him in bed Sick until the Summer before he died. He had a spell of fever that Summer and was never well afterward.

My Mother had tolerably good health but was never rugged. She was a very energetic woman and very industrious. Hated debt with a perfect hatred. Was a good manager. I think I have heard She was considered very handsome when young. She was of medium size. She took a deep cold the winter my father died and had a terrible cough that continued as long as she lived. She made her home at my house for a number of years and was confined to her bed one year before she died. Her cough lasted 13 years.


Father's Children
First Marriage

Robert Nance Born Feb. 22nd 1788 Charles City Co. Virginia

James Nance Born Nov. 24 89 Charles City Co Virginia

Sally Nance (Hash) Born Oct, 24 1791 Charles City County Virginia

Eaton Nance Born Sept. 14th 1793 Charles City County Virginia

William Nance Born March 17th 1795 Charles City Co., Virginia

George Washington Nance Born March 29 1798 Charles City Co., Virginia

Zachariah Henry Nance Born Dec. 17 1800 Charles City County Virginia. This child's mother died the day he was born -- His Uncle and Aunt Shell took him and raised him as their own child. When my father moved to Ky. he wanted them to give the child back to him but they would not let him have it except by law. We heard he grew to manhood and was a hatter by trade and had married a wife in Chesaw South Carolina [written here in the margin is "Chesaw, Marlboro County, S. C.] but after this we never could hear of him. Many letters of inquiry have been written but no information gained.


Second Marriage

Otway, First son of Zachariah & Elizabeth Nance was born Nov. 19th 1803. This child Died Aug. 19th 1804.

Otway Bird Nance Born July 21st 1805 James City County Virginia.

Joshua Nance Born July 11 1807 Green County Kentucky

Cary Nance Born March 26 1809 Green County Kentucky

Thomas Jefferson Nance Born Sept 17 1811 Green County Kentucky

Allen Q. Nance Born Sept 16 1813 Green County Kentucky

Parthena W. Nance (Hill) Born August 18 1816 Green County Kentucky [NOTE: This is the author of these notes]


Father's first wife Died Dec. 17th 1800 Charles City County, Virginia

Mother's first husband Lewis Bingley died Oct. 13 1799 James City County, Virginia

Father Zachariah Nance Died Dec. 22 1835 Sangamon County (now Menard County) Illinois. Mother Elizabeth Nance Died Jan. 11 1850


John M. Bingley Died Dec. 2nd 1836 Cass County Illinois. His horses ran away and threw him from his waggon onto the frozen ground. His little boy ran to him and Said Father are you hurt -- he said Yes badly hurt but never spoke again.

Thomas J. Nance Died July 22 1842 Menard County, Ills. Is buried at [Newmanville?]


James Nance Died Sept. 25 1842 Sangamon Co., Illinois

Sally Hash (Nance) Died Feb. 27 1847 Lawrence County, Missouri

Robert Nance Died Nov. 14 1852 Lawrence County Missouri

Mary Wynne (Bingley) Died Oct. 10 1840 Menard County Illinois. Nearly all her children died with Consumption.


Elizabeth Goldsby died Dec. 20 1840 Menard Co., Illinois

Cary Nance died Aug 25, 1840. Menard County, Illinois.

Mary, Elizabeth and Cary died within one mile of each other and within four months of each other and are buried at Farmer's Point Cemetery near Fatehr and Mother and other dear old friends.


Allen Q. Nance died May 28 1873 Dallas County, Texas

Elizabeth Woodson Nance wife of A. [V.?] Nance died Nov. 25 1893 Dallas County, Texas

Otway B. Nance died Dec. 11 1874. Sarah B. Nance wife of O. B. Nance died Feb. [18?] 1888 aged 80. Both died at their home in Dallas County Texas. Died Feb. 18 1888.


Eaton Nance died Dec. 8th 1879 in Grundy County Illinois. Aged about 86 years.

Joshua Nance died March 6 1885 [Cato?] Crawford County Kansas

George W. Nance died March 20 1889 Aged 91 years lacking a few days. Died in the Street of Petersburg Illinois. Was walking.


Jane Bingley wife of John M. Bingley died Nov. 3rd 1856

Elder Lewis B. Wynne Died Feb. 2d 1883 in Washington, D. C.

Julia Nance Wife of W. T. Nance Died Jan 21st 1883 in Lancaster Dallas County, Texas

Copyed from my brother O. B. Nance's Family Record

Otway Bird Nance Born July 21 1805 in James City County, Virginia

Sarah B. [Deasen?] Daughter of Daniel & Nancy [Deasen?] Born June 24 1807 in Amelia County Virginia

Otway B. Nance and Sarah B. [Deasen?] were married Feb. 16th 1829 in Green County, Kentucky.

O. B. Nance emigrated to Illinois in autumn of 1839. They lived in Cass County until the fall of 1851 they moved to Dallas County, Texas

O. B. Nance Died Dec. 11 1874 and his wife ded Feb. 18 1888 in Dallas County Texas.

William Thomas Nance Born Feb. 27 1830 in Green County Kentucky

Elizabeth Frances Nance (Mrs. D[r.?] Kilbourn) born Nov. 28 1831 in Green County Kentucky

Mary Wynne Nance (Mrs. [Lab?] Morris) born March 25 1834 Green County Kentucky

Nancy Jane Nance (Mrs. W. M. Wyatt) Born June 13 1836 in Green County Kentucky

Richard Allen Nance born May 12 1838 Green County Kentucky

Zachariah Nance Born March 20 1840 in Cass County Illinois

Parthena Hill Nance (Mrs. Williams) born Jan. 30 1842 Cass County Illinois

Harriet Newman Nance (Mrs. Smith) Born Aug 7 1844 Cass County Illinois

Sarah [Jaques?] Nance (Mrs. Smith) Born Sept. 1 1846 Cass County Illinois

Samuel Hill Nance Born May 21 1849 in Cass County Illinois


Richard A. Nance Died May 4 1887 in Elgen Origon

William Thomas Nance Died June 1 1891 in Dallas Texas

William [Dearsen?] Died Nov 24th 1894 Kentucky


William M. Wyatt and Nancy Jane Nance were married April 27 1851 by Rev. Daniel [Short?] Cass County Illinois

Walter M. Thompson and Fanny Wyatt were married May 26 1875 by Rev. Garner at Church in Newmansville Cass County Illinois

James [Stirble?] and Alice Mabel Wyatt were married July 14 1878 Cass County Illinois


William M. Wyatt Born Feb. 22 1828

Nancy Jane Nance born June 13 1836 in Green County Kentucky

Fannie Wyatt born June 27 1854 Cass County Illinois

Alice Mabel Wyatt born March 10 1859 Cass County Illinois


James [Judy ?] Wyatt born Jan. 31 1862 Cass County Illinois

Samuel Hill, only Son of Jonathan and Martha Hill was born in Huntendon County New Jersey Nov. 12th 1800. Emigrated to Ohio in 1820 - near Cincinati. Came to New Salem Sangamon County Illinois in 1829. Kept a dry goods store in New Salem nine or ten years and then moved to Petersburg. In the winter of 1838 and 1839 Menard County was set off and in the Spring of 1839 the County Seat was located at Petersburg.

July 28 1835 he was married to Parthena W. Nance and continued to live in New Salem until Oct. 1839 we moved to the new County Seat and he continued to sell goods for a number of years longer but at last sold the store but in the course of a few years - I think in 1856 he bought a half interest in a Woolen Factory and a flouring mill.

Died Nov. 14th 1857 Aged 57 years and two days. Is buried in Rose Hill Cemetery. Is in an underground Vault - his daughter Elizabeth Hill is also in the same vault.

John Hill born Sept 6th 1839 New Salem

[See NOTE below]
Aunt Hill died July 1 1898
Aunt Hill died July 1 1898

John Hill born Sept. 6 - 1839 born in New Salem Ill. died Jan 20th 1898
Married Lula Clara Crawley of Jacksonville Ill 1872
John Hill
Perry [?] Hill
B[?] Hill
Mrs. John H. Martin

[NOTE: The entries above (starting at "Aunt Hill ...") appear to be written in a different hand. From that, and from the 1898 dates on both pages, and from the reference to "Aunt Hill" having died July 1, 1898, I infer that these notes were written by Nancy Jane (Nance) Wyatt, the niece of Parthena W. (Nance) Hill for whom she wrote these notes in 1895 and to whom she gave them. From this point on, the notes again are by P. W. (Nance) Hill ].


Catharine D. [Puskafile?], (Whose first husband was my brother, Thomas J. Nance) Died March 22, 1892 at her home near Petersburg, Illinois

James [Puskafile?] Died March 19 1879

My Nephew James Hash Died Oct 3rd 1892 Boswell Benton County Indiana Hattie [Struble?] Died of cancer Jan. 3rd 1873

Elizabeth Belle Young Died Dec. 19 1892 Petersburg Illinois

Rev. B. [F.?] Goldsby Died of Consumption June 2 1876

[Lissa] B. Lyon Wife of [Prof.] Cornelius Lyon and daughter of W. T. Nance Died in Lancaster Dallas County Texas


Zachariah Hash Born April 6th 1812

John Hash Born Sept. 25th 1816

Catharine D. Houghton Born Oct 14 1817 in Mason County Kentucky. Her first husband was T. J. Nance and her second husband was James [Puskafile?]


John M. Bingley and Jane Lewis were married June 20 1822 in Green County, Kentucky.

Harvey Walker and Elizabeth Bingley married May 7th 1850 Cass County, Illinois

Thomas J. Nance and Catharine D. Houghton were married Sept. 22 1836. Sangamon County Illinois.

[See NOTE below]
My Sister Mrs. [Dr.?] Kilbourn died Oct 26 1899

Mrs. Dr. Kilbourn died Oct 26 1899

Dr. G. A. Kilbourn died April 19 1900.

Death of Aunt Mary Riggs She died January 28, 1894

[NOTE: The entries above (starting at "My Sister...") appear to have been written in a different hand. From this, and from the fact that it refers to "My Sister", I infer that these notes were written by Nancy Jane (Nance) Wyatt, the niece of Parthena W. (Nance) Hill for whom she wrote and to whom she gave this book in 1895. Nancy Jane Nance and Elizabeth Frances Nance, who married Kilbourn, were sisters). From this point on, the notes again are by P. W. (Nance) Hill].

My Father served three years in the Revolutionary War was at the Storming of Stony Point. I will copy a song he had written down from memory.

'Twas in July the fifteenth day
In glit'ring arms arrayed
Bold General Wayne and his brave men
The British line assailed

Just twelve at night if I am right
And honestly informed
Both wings at once they did advance
And "Stony Point" they stormed

Morass and [steep?] did clog our feet
This boasted place surrounded
Strong abatti's and forked trees
Were double placed all round it

This great place the Rebel [?]
Never dared come nigh Sir
Great Washington & all his train
Johnson did defy Sir

Fleury brave the flag did save
So strongly too defended
Mid his foes he made off their blows
And gallantly attended

Let Stewart's name in books of fame
Forever be recorded
Tho' showers of balls, he scaled their walls
And dangers disregarded

Gibbins too - a soldier true
His duty well discharged
He dealt his foes such deadly blows
It left their walls unguarded

Over stones and rocks our hero Knox
To charge the fore he pushed
And bravely fought like an Eagle's flight
Over their ramparts rushed

May this Storm forever warn
The Tyrant Sons of Slavery
For Wayne could stand the British band
With the Sons of Liberty

From my Father's memory of the night of July 15, 1789

[NOTE: The last two pages, on which the following text appears, are unnumbered. They appear to be in the hand which I infer is that of Nancy Jane (Nance) Wyatt].

Aunt [?] [Sharon?] died July 28 1883

David Wyatt died Jan 30 1866 aged 70 years. Sarah Wyatt wife of the above died May 20 1862 aged 64 years 11 months.


(1) According to Walter F. Lech <>, "Otway Bird's wife was Sally Dearin, I have a copy of their marriage license." I am sure Parthena wrote it as "Deasen" (or "Dearen"), but it must be remembered that she was copying from Otway B. Nance's handwritten notes, and she could well have got it wrong. (Back)

Referring to the "Dr. G.A. Kilbourn", Walter also adds: "Also Parthena's sister Elizabeth married Dr. Gustavus Adolphus Kilbourn, son of John & Mary Erwin Kilbourn." (Walter's wife is descended from the Kilbourns). (Back)


(2) Declaration of Elizabeth (Bingley) Nance for Lewis Bingley's Pension:

State of Illinois ss.
Menard County

Be it remembered that before the County Commissioner's Court in and for the said County (the said being a Court of Record and so declared by the Statute creating it) begun and held in the said County at the Court House in Petersburg on the thirtieth day of January One thousand Eight hundred and forty seven. Personally appeared before said Court, Elizabeth Nance, a resident of said County, aged Seventy four years, who being first duly sworn according to law doth on her Oath make the following Declaration in Order to Obtain the benefits of the Provisions made by the act of Congress of 7 July 1838 and the several acts supplementary thereto. That she is the widow of Lewis Bingley, who was a Private in the Army of the Revolution, and she believes served three years in the 2nd Regiment of the State troop of that State. That she was married to her said husband on the 28th day of February in the year seventeen hundred and Eighty Eight (1788) in the County of James City in the State of Virginia. She has often heard him speak during his life time of his march to the north and being in the Battle of Stony Point, and being at Philadelphia and New York. That she is not certain whether her said husband was a non Commissioned officer or not. That the Annexed Memorandum Book marked A is in the hand writing of the said Lewis Bingley and was as she verily believes kept by him while he was in the army as aforesaid. That her husband the said Lewis Bingley died in the County of James City in the State of Virginia on the 13th day of October in the year seventeen hundred and ninety nine (1799) and that on the 15th day of December Eighteen hundred and two (1802) she was married to Zachariah Nance in the same County and State, and that the said Zachariah Nance died in the County of Sangamon in the State of Illinois, on the Twenty Second day of December in the year Eighteen hundred and thirty five. She further Declares that she was not married to the said Lewis Bingley prior to his leaving the service, but that the marriage took place Previous to the first day of January seventeen hundred and ninety four at the time above stated - She states that she believes her husband the said Bingley Enlisted in the year (1777) and served for a period of three years. That the annexed family Record is a true Copy of an older one, and was Copied thirty years ago and has been in her possession in her family Bible from that time to the present.

Subscribed and sworn to in Open Court the day and year first above written         

Elizabeth X Nance

Thomas Peak, Clerk

(Thanks to Walter F. Lech for submitting this!) (Back)

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