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(8/8/01) I am searching for info on CLEMENT NANCE son of FREDERICK WOODSON NANCE and Agnes Burchet. Clement moved from Granville Co., N.C to Hopkins Co. KY. between 1842 and 1850 with his children: Joseph  Burchet, Frederick Woodson, Lucy, Clement, John, Richard, Elizabeth, Mary, and another daughter. Any info would be appreciated. Dale Nance <dalenevansville.net>

(4/8/2001) Searching for RICHARD NANCE b. abt. 1796 in Va. His wife was JANE WELLS. He died Jackson Co. OH  March 15 1866. Richard and Jane were married August 28 1822 in Lawrence Co. OH. Jane Wells was born abt. 1810 in KY and died aft. 1870. Children of Richard and Jane are: Allen, James, Peter, Samuel, Louisa, Asa, Lucinda, Luatta, Mary, and Elizabeth. Any info greatly appreciated.Bob Nance <clem5000msn.com>

(4/3/2001)  Subject: MARGARET NANCE & Jacob Miller.   Their daughter, Mary Jane Miller, was my g-grandmother, who married Charles Washington Cook, in 1861, Anna, Union Co., IL. They had 11 children. My grandfather, Bernard Cook (Cooke), was the last to be born of their children, in Jonesboro,Union Co., IL. I would sure like to share family info with any family out there!. Thank You,  Lois J. <LCypertwebtv.net>

(1/28/2001) Looking for info on JAMES M. NANCE who married Catherine Fitzpatrick in California. James M. Nance was born in Illinois in 1833. His parents Jefferson and Sarah (Step) Nance came to Illinois from Tennessee and Kentucky. Thanks Mary Ann (merrigo37earthlink.net / MaryAnnMerrigoaol.com)

(01/11/2001) Need info on parents of EDMOND TAYLOR NANCE - born 9-10-1867 in Tenn. He had a brother Tom and sister Mary. Probably moved to Ark. before coming to Tex. John B. Nance (johnbnanceaol.com)

(11/23/2000) My husband William E Nance is the son of Melvin Nance b 2/7/1927 d. 1/2/82, son of Albert Pike Nance b. 7/21/1881 d 5/1/1946, son of Jeremiah Milton Nance b. 4/6/1850 d. 9/16/1926, son of Ezekiel Edward Nance b. 9/12/1816 d. 9/15/1885, son of LEWIS HENRY NANCE b. 12/25/1780 d .11/1/1855.  I haven't been able to find info. on the parents of Lewis Henry Nance. He was married to Lucy Kepler, divorced her and remarried. Lewis and Lucy had another son besides Ezekiel Edward, whose name was James. If anyone needs further information, I have all of the spouses and children from Ezekiel down. If anyone has any further information that can help me, please email me at hsmom3pdq.net Thanks so much, Eva Nance hsmom3pdq.net

(11/20/2000)  I am looking for information on my great grandfather KEARNEY MELVIN NANCE.   He was born in the late 1800's in Newtonia, Newton Co.,  Missouri.  He married Georgia B. Naramore.  As far as I know he stayed in the southwest Missouri area all of his life. I am interested in finding out his parents' names. Any information would be greatly appreciated.  Georgia Miller  kmilarmsn.commsn.com>

(9/17/2000) My great-great grandfather was DRURY Nance born about 1809 in North Carolina. Drury Nance married Martha Abernathy (b. May 9, 1812 in Lincoln Co, NC) on Dec. 29, 1832 in Perry Co, MO. The 1850 Perry County, MO census shows Drury C. Nance 41, b. in NC, wife Martha, and 7 children: Burchatt, 17; Minerva, 13; Franklin W., 11; Amanda, 9; Jane, 7; Albin, 4; and Willy A., 1. Willy Nance, my great-grandmother, was b. August 21, 1849 in Perry County, MO. Hattie Goodman's book "The Knox Family", and LDS records, show that Willy/Willie Nance, daughter of Drury Nance and Martha Abernathy, married James M. Knox on November 15, 1866 in Perry Co MO. Does anyone have any information on Drury and his family? Thank you, Sandra (gsingwf.net)

(8/23/2000) I am looking for a JACK C. NANCE that adopted Mary, a Cherokee Indian who was orphaned along with a young brother and 3 sisters. The one sister was Martha Ann and she was adopted by Cornelious Johnson and his wife, she  later married Ulyses Grant Johnson. Another sister was Orpha Elizabeth and am not sure who adopted her. Martha Ann was born Aug. 20, 1866 and I believe she may have been the oldest.   Orpha Elizabeth was born Feb. 23, 1876. They were both born in Taney County MO.   I have info only on these 2 and only know that Jack Nance adopted the one girl whose name I believe is Mary. The children's last name was Gardner as far as I can find out. Mary married a man by the name of Heibel and left MO.  If you have any info on Mary please e-mail me  at arkansas.net>   Thanks,  Nancy nanrayarkansas.net

(7/31/2000)  I am looking for records that might verify the information on Pg 62 in D. Nance book on MARTHA ANN "PATSY" NANCE that married William Mask. Children were said to be Silas W. Mask m. Judith Boggan; Thomas Mask d. 1847; Pleasant Maske "murdered in Tennessee"; Miles Washington Maske m. Louisa Boggan. I would appreciate any help. Jane Webb  ejwebbmcn.orgmcn.org>

(7/17/2000)  I have from the book "Hamblin Co., Marriages,: Marriage Book 1-2", on page 492 of the original records, Caloway Roberts issued a liscense Jan. 12, 1882 to WILLIAM NANCE and Martha A. TRAVIS who were married Jan. 12, 1882 by I.C. Hodge, JP. Would anyone happen to have any info on these folks? Thanks, Debbie (dblakleyswbell.net)

(6/5/2000) Looking for information about Frank C. Chaput, married Gertrude V. Grimes in Washington, D.C. about 1924. They had a daughter, named Marie C Chaput, her married name is/was NANCE. Marie is my first cousin. Thanks, James K. Grimes (jkgrimesstarpower.net).

(5/29/2000) I am the grandaughter of ARTHUR WESLEY NANCE and Elizabeth Mae Nance of Cerro Gordo, NC. My grandmother's maiden name was Miller. Last address was Cerro Gordo NC. Columbus County. Thanks for any information regarding ancestry. Email address: msbutler47hotmail.com

(5/26/2000) My gfa LEWIS BARTLETT NANCE (b. 1930 d. 1985) had three younger half siblings (1 m.--Art?; 2 f.) who were given up for adoption in Tishomingo OK. I'm interested in any NANCE info from OKLAHOMA. Hint--ggfa is Robert L. Nance (d. early 1970s),  gggfa is Robert L. Nance Sr. (b. 1864 d. 1949--buried in Tishomingo). Samantha Sims (smartheadearthlink.net)

(4/22/2000) According to the "Nance Memorial", SUSAN NANCE (b.abt. 1783), a daughter of Clement Nance, married William SHAW.   They moved to Indiana with Clement and others of the family, were the parents of Mary Shaw (m. Branham), Louisa Shaw, and James W. Shaw.  Does anyone out there have any information beyond that which is contained in the "Nance Memorial", about these folks and their descendants?  Victoria, La Verne, CA (Sunflowerplaceaol.com)

(4/15/2000) Searching the PARSCALL Nance family from Va. and later moved to Kewanna Illinois. Had large family, Later moved to Princeton Illinois, Buried in Kewanna,Illinois, Any connections, Thank you, Dolores Nance Jaeger  (redbird1650webtv.net)

(3/30/2000)  In my search for JESSEE C. NANCE's parents, I located the following (excerpt) Deed of Gift.....Union Co., SC, Clerk of Court Office - Deed, pages 244-245 - Andrew J. Nance To {Daniel McSwain Nance et al {Deed of gift - State of South Carolina Know all men by these presents that I Andrew J. Nance of Union District and the State aforesaid for and in the consideration of the love and good will I bear towards my Seven children to wit - Daniel McSwain Nance John F. Nance, Amanda Nance Jessee C. Nance Leemuel Nance James W. Nance and Letty L. (T.?) Nance.... ------ The date on the Deed of Gift was September 1st 1866. According to the 1850 Union Co., SC census, there was an Andrew J. Nance in the house adjacent to Jesse and John Nance. However, the age of Andrew was given as 33 (Jesse was 18, John, 15) but the wife, Ann, was 25. Is this the father or brother?? The children named on the census were Noah, Daniel, John and Amanda which coincidence with the above deed. Additionally, Sonia's Web Site lists a Will for Thomas Nance of Union District with wife, Elizabeth, and children, Andrew J. and Martha Matilda, dated 25 Aug. 1841. Is there anyone out there with supporting or differing information about the above???  Thanks! LINDA in TN  (FVESTALaol.com)

(3/12/2000) I am having trouble even starting on the Nance branch of the family. I have been unable to find any information. ALBERT NANCE b.9 Dec. 1900 d. May 1983 married Mae (last name unknown) They lived in the Winston Salem, NC area. Three children: Mildred, Helen and Elizabeth. That is all I have. Anyone recognize them? Thanks, Jackie Callow (calljaxyahoo.com)

(1/12/2000)  I am seeking the parents of  EZEKIAL NANTZE (Nance). He was born in 1854, (probably in Alabama) and married Missouri Jane Hurt ( b. 1854-55) in 1877. They had 12 children, one of whom was my grandfather, Franklin Washington Nantze, (b. 1879). He was married first to Eliza Fenter (abt. 1900), and then to my grandmother, Ida Sims, (abt. 1902). They had 8 children, one of whom was my father, Herbert Franklin Nantze, (b. 1913, in Arkansas). My mother was Florence Elizabeth Smyth, (b. 1914). My parents migrated to California during the Depression, settling in Sacramento, which is where I was born, in 1945. I believe that Ezekial's parents were John Nance (Nantze ?), and Frances Pryor, but I have been unable to document this with certainty. Supposedly they left Mecklinburg County, N. Carolina in 1840, heading for Arkansas. They were among the members of a group of travelers in a 20 wagon caravan that made the trek. Other surnames included on the trip were: Nunn, Sullenburger, Scott, Gatlin, Ferguson, Martin, and White, as well as Nance (Nantze) and Pryor. Most eventually settled in Saline, Grant, and Hot Spring counties in Arkansas. Any information that can help me make the connection to Ezekial's parents will be greatly appreciated. Also, if anyone can pinpoint where the Nance spelling became Nantze please let me hear from you. Thanks. J. Norm Nantze, e-mail: NormN4aol.comaol.com>

(12/23/1999) I'm a new net surfer from Aberdeen, UK and have been visiting the "Nance" sites - I never realised there were so many Nances over there!  . . .You're probably wondering what a Limey is doing rummaging about in the American Nance files. Well, my great-grandpa was SPOTTSWOOD  Nance;  there's a picture of him in the "Nance Memorial".  My Grandpa was NICHOLAS ELDER Nance, although he called himself Elder.  He came to Britain as a volunteer in the Great War and met my grandma in Norfolk, took her back to Texas, were my Dad was born in 1920.   Dad and grandma came back to England in 1932 and grandpa wasn't heard from again.   I can find no trace of him after the early census records but he may have been alive in the 1960's in Dallas/Fort Worth.   There were some family myths:   Dad thought he may have had a half brother or sister in the States;  and, there was supposed to be some Cherokee Indian blood in the family from "the other side of the blanket" as Dad described it.  Where do I look for any descendants of grandpa 'Elder' Nance or his brother Spottswood Nance Jnr.( who may have emigrated to Australia)?  Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.  Kind regards, Dave Nance d.a.nanceabdn.ac.ukabdn.ac.uk>

(12/21/1999) The census from NC 1860, Shallotte District, Brunswick County lists as a head of household & farmer, my ancestor, DANIEL Nance, as 37 years old (b. 1823), his wife, Martha as 36 years old (b. 1824).   Children listed in the home are: Joseph W., age 9;  James E., age 7;  Isadora, age 5;  Marshall H., age 1 (I know his name to be Marshal Holmes Nance).    Marshall's SC death certificate lists his mother as Patsy Benton.   According to my family "lore",  Marshall had a sister named Isadora, later in life she married Robert Little, and is supposedly buried in the Buck Creek Section of Horry County, SC.   In the 1850 Census they (Martha & Daniel) are shown living with (presumably) her parents, Arthur & Rebecca Benton, ages 47 & 42 respectively.   Problem one:  MARTHA and DANIEL's ages are screwy in the 1850 census...he is listed as a laborer (& his name is spelled as Nants).    He is listed as age 20 & she is listed as 19. . .  In the 1870 census, Martha Nance looks to have married Jonathan Gore.  She is shown as age 32, & Marshall is living in her household as age 10.    I deduct that Daniel Nance must have been killed in the Civil War.    The 1880 census lists Martha Gore (age 47),  living in the same house as Marshall Nance (age 21) and Emma J. (age 19).   I own a copy of "The History and Genealogy of the Nances" by Davidson Nance written in 1930 in Marshville, NC.   Nance's in the Civil War for Brunswick County in this book list only Daniel Nance. . .  Looking for anyything to help me get a fix on the line of DANIEL Nance of Brunswick County (b. 1823). Clay Nance   claynanceyahoo.comyahoo.com>

(12/21/99) My great-grandmother was MARY ANN NANCE, married Jesse William GRAY. My info comes from Howard Co, MO 1880 and 1900 census, and Civil War Pension application papers, which include hand-copies of GRAY Bible pages. Mary Ann was b 1 Sep 1847, Indiana, and died 20 April 1908, MO. She stated for the census that her father was b IN, mother b OH. Mother's maiden name possibly BADGER. Children listed in 1900 census are: 1. Marietta (Nancy Mary Etty) GRAY b 1865 IA; 2. James Wesley GRAY b 1867 IA; 3. Charles Edward GRAY b 1874 CA; 4. Pleasant Oren GRAY b 8 Oct 1876 MO; 5. William Arthur GRAY b 1879 MO; 6. Nellie C.(also show as S.) GRAY b 1887 MO. Pension papers show she and Jesse also had five other children: Elathen David GRAY (1869); Joseph H GRAY (1872 or 74); Jesse Furmon GRAY (b&d 1882); Noah Albert GRAY (b&d 1883); George A GRAY (b1884, d1885.) My grandfather, Pleasant Oren GRAY, was born near Moberly, in Randolph Co, MO. The Pension papers show that Mary Ann and Jesse lived near (or with) JOSEPH M. NANCE (age 36 in 1886) in Routiers, near Folsom, Sacremento Co., CA from 1871 to 1876. Possibly, based on ages, Joseph may have been her brother. I would greatly appreciate any help finding the names of Mary Ann's parents, etc. Thanks. Susan (meganzackyahoo.com)

(12/13/1999) My gg grandfather was CAPTAIN MARSHALL HOLMES NANCE (b.May 3, 1861). His wife was EMMA JANE HEWETT(b. Feb. 2, 1860). They lived in Columbus County, North Carolina and had offspring of JOSEPH LEE NANCE (b. 1887), WILLIE G. NANCE (b. 1877-1911), MARY NANCE (b.1889-d.1918), DANIEL W. NANCE (b.1890-d.1960), ANNIE NANCE (b. 1892), BESSIE MARTHA NANCE (b.1893-d.1907), & DOCTOR E. NANCE (b. 1895) & possibly others. My family "lore" says MARSHALL'S parents were DAN NANCE & PATSY BENTON. Marshall only had one sibling that I know of, a sister ISADORA NANCE LITTLE (b. 1850) who married ROBERT M. LITTLE (b.1852-d.1926) of the Buck Creek Section of Horry County South Carolina. I am trying to find Captain Marshall Holmes Nance's lineage from Wynne Nance (b. approx 1757) who was married to Dorthia Holmes. Thanks in advance for your help! Clay Nance  claynanceyahoo.comyahoo.com>

(12/7/1999) Update of my search for my ggrandfather ALBERT NANCE. Albert married Isabelle Martin. My grandfather Robert Nance was born to them Oct 25 1892 at Lick Twp Jackson County Ohio. Isabelle died young and Albert married Anna Byers. They had at least one child, Darline Nance born Mar 15 1908 at Lick Twp Jackson County Ohio. Please send any info to Bob Nance  at  < clem5000msn.com >

(11/28/1999) I am researching the Nance family that I married into in 1956. I married a Roy Phillip Nance, born Subtle, Metcalfe Co. Ky in 10 May 1933. His father was ROBERT LEWIS NANCE, b. 1909 in KY, and his mother was Tressie Byrd Smith, b. 19 May 1913. Robert Lewis Nance had 2 sons. Gfather - THOMAS DENIS NANCE, b. 11-17-1872. Gmother - Samantha C. Shaw, b. 6-8-74; they married 1892 in TN. They lived in KY and are buried in KY. Thomas Denis Nance had 13 children: 4 girls and 9 sons. GGfather - SAMUEL H. NANCE, b. 1834 in KY. GGmother - Alsey Mahalie (Jennings?), b. 1842, in TN. They married in 1861. Samuel H. Nance had 9 children: 4 sons 5 girls. That is as far back as I have found out. Can you help me with any more facts? Gretta Sue Nance (NANCE620prodigy.net PRODIGY.NET>)

(11/20/1999)  I didn't know I had so many Nance cousins in America! I have been researching our Nances for a while now. My THOMAS NANCE and his wife JANE RAPSON came out to Australia from Cornwall in 1854. They came from St Mewan, before that from St Ewe, then Kenwyn, and finally from a long line of St Ives Nances. They were descended from John Nance and Elizabeth Stevens who were married in St Ives in 1667. It is said in the Clearing house notes that there are still descendantsfrom this union , living in St Ives today, and New Zealand. My big ask is if you, or anyone else knows anything of these families, as I would very much like to contact them. There are so few Nances left in Cornwall. My Thomas' family is descended from Alain's son William Nance. I would be most grateful for any help given. With kind regards, and all best wishes. Lyn Hotchin (Hotchinbigpond.com)

(11/18/1999) Here's a real stumper. MARY ANN NANCE (NANTZ) b. 6 Nov 1836 SC, d. 2Mar 1877 Flora, Clay Co., IL, m. William Wilshire Cook 1854 (probably in Clay Co., IL).  I can't find her father for the life of me. Mary Ann and William Cook's children were: Emily Viola; Sarah Ann; Nathaniel Edward; Villiam Liva; Mary Ettie; Asa Lafayette; Priscilla Isabell; Melvina J.; Adonisa Andrew and Lela Hester. All were b. in Clay Co., IL between 1855 and 1872. I sure hope you or some other Nance cousin can give me a hand. I'd be grateful for any information at all. Thanks, David Decker (Club627aol.com) Springfield, IL

(10/25/1999)  Seeking any info on JARED NANCE b. 5 Jul 1825 and listed on 1850 Pittsylvania census with wife Pauline and sons George and Williard. Appreciate any  clues.  Thanks,  Duke   cobbtownemail.msn.comemail.msn.com>

(10/21/1999) I'm searching for info concerning the parentage of JESSE C. NANCE (1831-1903) who lived in Union & Cherokee Cos., SC. Jesse is initially found on the 1850 Union Co., SC census at age 18 along with John Nance, 15, both recorded as born in SC. Jesse married ca. 1855 to Minerva BROWN (1835-1920).....additional information has been located on Minerva's BROWN family. Also, it is known that Jesse served in the CSA from SC. Jesse and Minerva had the following children: P. Elizabeth, b. 1856, John T., b. 1858; James William, b. 1859, Jesse Columbus, b. ca. 1862; Franklin, b. ca. 1866; Rufus, b. 1867; Lemual, b. 1870; Wallace, b. ca. 1872; Calvin F., b. 1874 and Sally, b. ca. 1876. Any assistance appreciated!! Linda M. Vestal AOL.COM>aol.com>  FVESTALaol.com

(10/6/1999) My grandfather, WALTER EDGAR NANCE, born Oct. 11, 1879, in Wise Cty, Texas. His father was William Hensley Nance, from Talledega, Ala. Do you any such name on your family tree? Thanks, Willa Thompson (Willat3flash.net)

(9/30/1999)  Searching for my gggrandmother, NANCY ANGELINE (NANCE) Riley, born abt 1868 in MO, She married William Henry Riley on 9-16-1885 in Ava, Douglas County, MO., died about late 20's or earlier 30's, buried somewhere in Nevada, MO. She had a brother named Thomas NANCE. Thank you in ddvance Teresa Vaughn ( vaughntmearthlink.net )

(9/29/1999) My wife and I have just started Genealogy on her family. Her father was JAMES OLIVER NANCE, we have his information, his father was MARK E. NANCE, mother's name was Violetta, all died in California. Mark Nance's brother DEWEY was in Oklahoma.  Mark and Dewey were born in the 1890's. Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks, Mark and Laura   (mbandllearthlink.net)

(9/21/1999)  Searching for ancestors of MARY FRANCES NANCE (b. 24 Apr 1794 in VA, d. 15 Aug 1871 in IL). Married to Thomas Lorton in 1810 in KY. Both are buried in White Hall Cemetary, White Hall, Greene County, IL. Thomas was born in VA; to Cumberland KY 1801-1818; to Bond IL 1818-1820; to Greene IL 1820. Roger P. Jones (rpjcpapipeline.com)

(8/31/1999) My name is Michael P. Nance Jr. and I'm interested in my   family history but  I've only got information on my grandfather. My grandfather's name is ROY PHILLIP NANCE and I know he lived in Kentucky.  I'm interested if there are other nances there that are related to Roy so that I may get in touch with them. KRIS (NANCE050557prodigy.net)

(8/25/1999)  I have a letter that my cousin gave me that someone wrote out information on the Nances, this was dated 1982. The letter states that my grandfather, WILLIAM HARVEY Nance was born on 2-03-87 in Missouri and died 6-27-74 in Spokane, Washington. He married Doll Adamson in Missouri (Joplin?);   she was born on 10-04-89 and died 11-23-76 in Spokane, Washington. The letter states that ROBERT Nance born 1849 and died 1932 married Sarah Adaline born 1858, no death date, in Carroll County, Missouri. These  would have been my great-grandparents if this is correct.  Any help with following our history would be appreciated. JMaxf1936aol.com

(8/8/1999) I am looking for a PJH Conner who was married to WINNEY Nance in 1842 in Talladega County, Alabama.  I have found that there was a James Nance and a Sally Nance listed on the census in 1840 as head of household in Talladega County, AL. I have not been able to find much more information. If there is anyone who you can point me in the right direction I would really appreciate it. Thank you, Jimmy Conner jconner1pdq.netpdq.net>

(8/7/1999) My fathers name was PAUL CARR Nance, born September 28, 1928. His father, my grandfather, was named WILLIAM EARL Nance Jr. And my great-grandfather was WILLIAM EARL Nance Sr.  If there is anything you can draw from this please let me know.  Thanks, Mike Nance robyni-plus.neti-plus.net>

(8/4/1999) I am looking for information on my great grandparents from around Nashville. F.M. Nance married (?),  had a daughter named MINNIE BELLE Nance who married Will Council. Any help you could give me would be appreciated. Thank you. Traci Traylor-Keatts TKeattsaol.comaol.com>

(8/1/1999) Have been searching for parents of my ggggrandfather. I believe that they might have been Manoah Sullivan and his wife, SUSANNAH Nance. They were married abt 1760.  Manoah's family was from Caroline Co., VA. Susannah and he were in the Charlotte Co., census of 1782; they were in the census of Laurens Co., SC, 1810. Everything I have found states that they had four children, but I have also seen that genealogists thought they probably had more children. The four always listed are Frederick who died in SC in 1801, Littleberry, Manoah Jr. and Susanna Nance Sullivan who married Henry Strange in Charlotte Co., VA in the 1788. Manoah Jr. married Polly Tucker in VA in 1797. Litttleberry married Nancy Tucker in Chaarlotte Co., in 1791 and he died bef 1808. Does anyone know anything about this family. Please advise! Thank you. Julia Warner jwarnerswdtimes.comswdtimes.com>

(7/30/1999) My grandfather, born 1881, Colemen TX, THOMAS  S. Nance,   had a family in the south, supposely left and started another(?).  My father, born 1917, Thomas S. Nance (died 1965), had brother Carl or(Karl), sister Aladele still living So Cal.   Myself, Scott L. Nance born 1950.   That's as far as I can go. Thanks for any help. Scott L. Nance STARBU6969aol.comaol.com>

(7/19/1999)   I am looking for LATETIA NANCE   b. abt 1765 Faquier Co., VA. She married John Willis abt 1780 in Faquier VA.   I am descended through their son Lemuel who married Susannah Wright. I would realy like to know who  Latetia's parents were.  Thank you. Debbie Smith Debbie_Smithbyu.edubyu.edu>

(7/12/1999)  My great- grandfather was ALLEN A. Nance from N.C. He married Ann Suit, after her death he married Nancy C. Terrell.   My grandpa was Charlie Nance, he was also born in N.C. they later moved to Hopkins Co. KY.   Allen was born in 1825.   Can you help me in finding out who Allen's parents were?  Thanks -  Sue ( MACA6737aol.com )

(7/11/1999)  I have a g-g-grandfather JOHN (JACK) C. Nance born 26 April 1842, TN. His father was JESSE Nance born in Knox Co., TN. Jesse's wife was born in Claiborne Co., TN and her maiden name was CLAPP. John C. Nance was born in Claiborne Co., TN and married to Malinda WELLS. I am trying to link John C. Nances' parents or any family members. Thank you for any help and will be glad to help if I can. Gary Ayres (gayrestri-lakes.net)

(7/8/1999)  I am looking for info on the family of CLEMENT NANCE & MARY JONES in Pittsylvania Co., VA.   Mary was d/o Mosias Jones - but who was this Mosias?? Anyone else on this line.??   Ann in Kansas ABaugh9618aol.comaol.com>

(7/1/1999)(updated 3/5/2001) I would like to update my query on MOLLIE NANCE. I have a new email address now. I am still searching for Mollie's parents. A probable birth date for her would be in the early 1840's. Born in MO. She married Joseph Hare/Hair who was born in KY. They lived in TX, AR, and OK. Children were Eldridge L., Jane, Mary, John William, born 1868 in OK, married in Waldron AR, Anna Etta born 1878 in Waldron, AR, George Washington Hair born 1884 in OK, Lee born 1887 in Little Rock AR, Benjamin Franklin born 1890 in Houston TX, Louis Hershall born 1893 in OK, and Stpehn R. Hair born 1895 . Thanks  Carol Lee  (zcarol1juno.com)

(6/21/1999)  My name is John Thomas Nance Jr of Springfield ILL.  I'm trying to locate my family history.  My grand-father's name is William Soloman Nance born May 27 1914 , died Febuary 23, 1999 in Springfield IL, but lived in Athens IL. He was married to Sylvia . We have a large family with uncles and aunts from wich no one knows much any help you can give me would be greatly helpfull.  Thank you, John T. Nance Jr.  HONDO225aol.comaol.com>

(6/20/1999) I am looking for any info about my greatgrandfather ALBERT NANCE who married Isabelle Martin. They had at least one son, ROBERT Nance, born Oak Hill, Ohio, Jackson County, Oct 25, 1892. Please send any help to my e-mail: Robert C. Nance (clem600email.msn.com)

(6/18/1999) Looking for information on RICHARD NANCE whose wife's name was Mary. He moved from Dinwidie County to Bedford County. Their children were Thomas, born in 1740 and died in 1779 and Paschal, born in 1769 and died in 1855. MMcphe841aol.com

(6/13/1999) I'm trying to learn more about my gg grandmother, E[LIZA] AMERETT NANCE. She was born in Columbus County, NC, and married Isham Jotham Brown (son of William Wyatt Brown and Winnifred Williamson, also of Columbus County). She had three children: Emma Brown in 1879; Mittie Janet Brown, in 1884; and a son at some point, who died in 1900. They moved to Waycross, GA (Ware County). Family lore holds that Isham owned a "turpentine plantation" and the family lived in the town of Waycross. Isham was killed in a dispute on the plantation in 1890. The family stayed in the area until 1900 when the money ran out, and the son (name unknown) died in a Typhoid epidemic.

I find Eliza living with her BIL as Amerett in the 1900 census of Columbus County, NC, and her date of birth is cited as 1855. Then in 1910, she's living with her daughter's family as Eliza A., and cites her age as 49 (should be 55). She's E.A. Nance Brown on her daughter's wedding certificate, and Amoret Nance Brown in her daughter's obituary.   

In the census, I find just one female in the entire state of NC with the initials E.A. Nance, but she would then be even younger than in the two censuses above. In 1850, there's an Eliza, 6/12, F, living with Daniel M. Nance, 36, M, Farmer, 1000, NC and in 1860, there's E. A., 11, F, NC again with Daniel Nance as head of household. Only problem is that this would make her born in 1850, not 1855, and she'd have been all of 60 by the 1910 census and not 49. Vanity? Or the wrong person? Is anyone familiar with this family, or the Nance's in Columbus County, NC? Has anyone come across Eliza Amerett before? I'd like very much to establish her parents, but the discrepency in ages and birth dates is worrying me.  Cate Williams  catewdelanet.comdelanet.com>

(5/24/1999) I have two Nance lines:  My mother is Joan S. Nance dau. of William H. Nance son of Alva Nance son of William H. M. Nance son of Jane Nance who later md. a Stumbo.    Jane was the dau of Daniel Nance Jr., the son of Daniel Nance Sr.   This branch established itself in Lawrence Co Ohio.  Also, Sarah Nance dau of Daniel Nance Jr. and Lavina Kingery, married Jacob Aaron Kingery in 1836 in Lawrence Co. Ohio. I have copied a lot of the Nance records in Lawrence County Ohio and try to copy other Nance records I come across. Richard H.Eubanks fawetnwonline.net

(5/25/1999) Have contacted Melissa Danforth Rogers [see Query of 7/29/1998] and I have information re: Sarah Ann Nance. Her parents were HENRY NANCE (b. 1800 in TN) and Nancy "Ann" Williams. They lived in TN and I have verified that they were in Madison Co., TN (Jackson) in 1850 where he had a small business and by 1854 moved to Weesache, TX, where his daughter Sarah Ann would marry Thomas Danforth (of Goliad Co. TX).  Henry was married 3 times. His first wife was Lucy Lovel.  He had 5 children by his second wife, Sarah Nelson:  Mary Hicks b. 19 Oct. 1826 who married Duncan Cameron Bledsoe;   Emily C. b. 3 Jun  1828;  Thomas F, b. 9 Oct.1830;  Joseph P. b.12 Aug 1832, d. 1854;  Jane C. b.15 Sept 1835, d.1929 m. ?Sealy.   His 3rd wife was Nancy "Ann" Williams  and they had seven children: Laura b. 22 Dec. 1839; Henry, Jr. b. 9 Aug, 1841;  Sarah Ann b. 16 Oct 1842 (m. Thomas Danforth), d. 9 Jan, 1933;  Alice b. 6 Jun 1844, ( m. 2x John Maddox, Louis Shaper);  James Allen b. 22 May, 1848, (m. Mittie Ellis);  Harvey Benjamin, b. 1 Oct, 1854; and Nathanial born 2 Jan , 1857.   I would welcome further information from any descendants and am seeking parents of both Henry Nance and Nancy Ann Williams. She was born in NC.   John Erwin (jjerwinworldnet.att.net )

(5/29/1999) Jim E. Nance ( JNance1066aol.com)   wrote to say that HENRY Nance's father was WILLIAM Nance, who was b.1768 to REUBEN and Amy (Williamson) Nance.  Thanks, Jim!

(5/17/1999) Looking for a side branch of Deckard/Weisz. FOREST ALLEN NANCE   would probably have been born somewhat before 1890. Wife Josephine Vivian Weisz Nance. Daughters Roberta Weisz Nance 1918 and Josephine May Nance 1920. Anything? No location but probably middle-west. Gary Pickersgill home.com>, California  garypickhome.com

(5/14/1999) I am researching WILLIAM M. NANCE b. 1770-1780 in Iredell Co., NC, d. 1845 in Clay Co., IN. His siblings were WEBSTER NANCE b. 1800 VA. d. 1852 Putnam Co., IN.; JAMES NANCE B. 1790-1800 IN N.C. d. 1842 Franklin, IN - married Jane Morrel (NM Chapter VI says he was killed by a saw in a sawmill); SUSANNAH JANE NANCE b. Jan. 07, 1789 in N.C. d. Septl 25, 1844 in Putnam Co., IN.

WILLIAM M. NANCE married ELIZABETH CULVER in North Carolina. In 1826 they moved to Ohio and continued on soon afterward to Putnam Co., Ind. In 1843 he took up land in Clay Co. In. and died in 1845 . Elizabeth died in 1859. Their children were: (1) WILLIAM M. NANCE JR. b.abt.1817 NC d. Feb. 12, 1854 in Wabash Co., IN m. SUSAN KELLER July 8, 1837 in Wabash Co., IN ; (2) JOSEPH NANCE b. Nov. 30, 1819 Iredell Co., NC d. Feb. 28, 1898 Linn Co., KS m. NANCE WILSON Jan. 11, 1846 in Brazil, IN;   (3) LYDIA NANCE b. 1824 Iredell Co., NC m/1 PLEASANT BALDWIN JR, m/2 ALVIN D. AUSTON;   (4) RUTH NANCE b. 1822 Iredell Co., NC d. Apr. 2, 1850 Vigo Co., IN. m & d/1 John F. Poe, m/2 GEORGE W. JAMES;   (5) JAMES NANCE b. Sept. 10, 1830 Iredell Co., NC d. Mar. 2, 1888 m/MARGARET F. PEYTON Feb. 22, 1852 in Carpentersville, IN;   (6) AMELIA "MILLY" NANCE M. _____MELVIN;  (7) JANE NANCE m. _______TYRE Sept. 17, 1871;   (8) ADAM NANCE,   (9) HENRY NANCE b. 1836 in IN d. Feb. 13, 1862 in Camp Wickliff, KY;   (10) WEBSTER NANCE b. Feb. 9, 1840 Putnamville, IN d. Mar. 9, 1921 in Oklahoma City, OK m. LELIA WARREN WEAVER Sept. 9, 1866 om Brazil, IN;    (11) MARY ANN NANCE b. 5 Apr 1817 d. 9 Oct. 1865 Putnam Co., IN m. SAMUAL K. SNYDER Jan. 12, 1840.   If anyone has information on this family, they can email me at ,bnancechipsnet.com>. David M. Nance bnancechipsnet.com

(5/11/1999)  Searching for PETER NANCE  b. ca. 1730 d. ca. 1831 and wife Tillatha. Found an old letter that listed their children, no ages given except Mary Catherine b 1760 m John Jacob Shade in 1780; George; Mary Nance m Henry Blackman; Elizabeth m Christopheer Vaughn; John; Jacob; Ruth m George Lineweaver; Sarah m George Matter; Peter; Margaret m Jacob Gittier. Think they all were born in PA, could be Bedford Co. Would anyone recognize any of these names? Any assistance will be appreciated. Bill Hallmark, Garland, TX bhallmrkflash.netflash.net>

(4/25/1999)  I am looking for info on OSCAR LEE NANCE. About all I know about him is that he was born in Lexington, NC, probably in 1885. He had a half-brother, WILLIAM NANCE living in Lexington when he died in 1960. I have been told that he is believed to have been in law enforcement. He left NC sometime in the 1920s and moved to Texas. He changed his name to John Lee Smith. He left NC with Lissie Wall and her two children, Bill Raymond and Bessie Angeline. He also took Zelma Smith with him. He lived in Waco, TX, from 1945 to his death in 1960. Any help would be appreciated. Betty Atkins betty.atkinsworldnet.att.networldnet.att.net>

(4/16/1999) I am part of the lost branch of Ohio Nance's, from Lawrence County, Ohio.My grandfather is WALTER NANCE. His father was JAMES ALLEN NANCE who married Ada Susan Attkins in 1901.They were married by her father Rev.William H.H.Attkins. James parents were SOLOMON NANCE (1839-1905 b.Lawrence Co) and Susan Matilda Burcham (1840-1926 b. Lawrence Co).  Solomon Nance's parents were ELIJAH and Rachel Harrison married in Lawrence co. in 1834.   Elijah Nance is believed to be the son of DANIEL Nance Sr. who moved to Lawrence Co. from Cabell Co. (now in West Virginia) by 1818.  If anyone has any information regarding this branch of my family tree please e-mail me at tiggerdefnet.com Thanks, Teresa Lambert (tiggerdefnet.com)

(4/7/1999) Looking for information on my ggrandfather BIRDETT ELWOOD NANCE (b.c1883) married to Amelia Elvira Jane Foster (b. c1889) on Dec. 24, 1905. Known to have lived in OK and MO. Two daughters: RUBY and PEBBLE LORRAINE (1912-1995). When I was younger, my grandmother Pebble gave me a silver teaspoon which she told me had belonged to an ancestress, Patience Nance. Wonder now if she was referring to Patience (Wynne) Nance, wife of Daniel III? Wish I had payed more attention to my grandmother and written things down!! Any connections? Cindy   cjocurrynetscape.netnetscape.net>

(3/17/1999) -I am researching WILLIAM L. NANCE born in TN circa 1820. He married Mary COLEMAN in Rutherford County, TN in 1837.  They migrated to St. Francis Co. AR by 1850, and Hopkins Co. TX by 1860.  He died in 1875 in Hopkins Co. Their oldest son was named Hartwell which might be a clue. Does anyone know who William L's parents might be?  Carla Trussell (CTRUSSELprodigy.net)

(2/28/1999) My great grand father, JAMES R. NANCE was in Louisburg [Franklin Co], NC in 1850 census. I am interested in establishing a connection, if possible, to RICHARD NANCE living in Granville County, NC in 1790. Any help is appreciated. Jack Garner Nance (jgarnernworldnet.att.ne)

(2/27/1999) I am looking for information concerning WILLIAM M. NANCE possibly of the area around Greenup County Kentucky.  He was married to a Florence Clark, and had at least one son ARNOLD  L. NANCE. Arnold was born 7 Mar 1911 in Russelll (Greenup Co) KY. Other children know of William M Nance are: Gearld, Marshall, Jimmie, Billie, Marie, Rua, Eva, and one unknown child. Charles Nance (lionscubelknet.net)

(2/25/1999) Looking for info on ISAAC NEWTON NANCE born 1841 in Illinois and married RUTH J PRITCHETT .  They had a son HENRY P NANCE born 1860 in Illinois-married  Frances Anderson in Denton Co.,Texas.  They had 6 or 7 children.  Any info will be appreciated. Ro Jean Williams (nactxyahoo.com)

(1/24/1999) My uncle was a kept a little diary during WWII with just a little information each day. During the time on Okinawa he had a man in his outfit (7 th Inf. Div., C Co, First Squadron, Weapons Platoon.) by name of V. NANCE.  This V. Nance was a mortarman. He was wounded in action on May 20, 1945. (Not evacuated) then Killed in Action on May 23, 1945, the day after they had secured Chesnut Ridge on Okinawa. I would appreciate any information anyone might have as to the identity of this man. jacquea  (jacqueaairmail.net)

(1/20/1999)  Info needed on Drury Abernathy of Perry County Mo b 1825 parents were Battee and Willey NANCE Abernathy. SLCandelaaol.com

(1/17/1999)  Looking for information on the wives of EDMUN NANCE, b Dec 1847 MO, had stepchildren Greeley Graham, Mary Ridgley, and John H. Christ, and two children ELIZABETH NANCE and EDMUN NANCE. They are all listed in the 1900 Creek Nation Census, lived in St. Clair Co MO and Okfuskee Co, OK. Elizabeth Nance married Wesley Griffin.  Bill & Carolyn Montgomery, Douglas Co. OR (cspringsmcsi.net)

(1/12/1999) Looking for info on ISSAC NANCE b.1811MO, d.1907,  Daughter Sarah A. Nance b.1843, m.1876.Samuel Gholson Crader d.1886.   Don Crader (dcraderbellsouth.net)

(1/10/1999) THOMAS NANCE born around 1800 in or around South Carlonia. He came to Alabama with his wife
NANCY " NANNY" LANCASTER and his children: Messa B. 1828,Ruth B. 1829, James Allen B.1830, Clara
B. 1832, William Mitchell B. 1836, Zachariah B. 1839, Christopher B. 1834, Terrymon B. 1840, Mary-Jane B.
1842,  Nancy B.1845. Just starting! Any information appreciated. Andrea Lynn Nance  andiandchipmsn.commsn.com>

(12/1/1998)  I am looking for information on my great-grandmother, ELIZABETH NANCE...b. July 22, 1886 in Gans, [Sequoyah County,] OK... d. December 23, 1960 in Atwater,CA. She married Charles Alburn Scoggins before 1907. This is all I have to go on. Is there anyone that can help? CJ Snow ( CBSnow2aol.com )

(11/30/1998)  I am just getting started into searching for family roots. My grandfather was WILLIE DURHAM NANCE, born in Bladen Co NC on January 22, 1900 and died in Moore County (on a visit) on October 9, 1954, buried in Bladen Co.     He married Maggie Elma Garner on Aug. 8, 1920 in Bladen Co.  His father was JOHN EDWARD NANCE, born Nov. 8, 1862 and died March 9, 1932 here in Bladen County, and buried in Bladen Co . His wife was Emmie Smith, born and raised in Bladen - born October 16, 1868 and died Aug. 25, 1927.  wife, Emmie Smith.  Brenda (kentgoodintrstar.net )

(11/22/1998) I would like any information on JAMES NANCE and Robert LORTON  found in Cumberland Co KY 1805 entering land on Mud Camp Creek. Strong suggestion that these are the fathers of John Wesley NANCE and Mary LORTON who later married (when?/where?) and lived Shelby Co IL. I believe them to be the parents of my William NANCE who married Eliza Hooper and had son Joseph NANCE, my greatgrandfather.  Unfortunately NANCE genealogy for Shelby Co IL does not include my William NANCE; however, my grandmother, Lena NANCE, daughter of Joseph NANCE and Viola MCDANIEL, who was only six years old when her grandfather died, stated to me that after her grandfather died, her grandmother remarried to her grandfather's brother, "Jack" NANCE. Records show that Eliza Hooper married first William NANCE and second Andrew Jackson NANCE. Andrew Jackson NANCE is acknowledged son of John Wesley and Mary (LORTON) NANCE. There is more supporting info  In any case, I would like info on James NANCE of Cumberland Co KY. I think he was a Virginian but have no proof. A search of early KY shows a John NANCE entering land in Fayette Co in 1785. Do not know if there is a connection. I have relatively little info on NANCE families, but I will freely share what I have. Sherry ( prodigy.com">HJZM01Aprodigy.com )

(11/13/1998) My gggrandfather was LOUISIA ALABAMA NANCE JOHNSON. Her parents were RICHARD W. NANCE and Sylvia Fretwell. They were married in Jefferson Ct. Alabama. I would like to know who Richard W.'s parents were.  Candy Mullins ( CMull75327aol.com )

(10/31/1998) Looking for information on ROBERT P.  NANCE and his wife Mary Jane Nance and two children, Susan (age 6) and Cordelia (age 2), as found on the 1850 Census for Weakley County, TN.   Thanks for any help ... they were my gggrandparents. Jim Meyer (JNJMEYERaol.com)

(10/29/1998) My great great grandfather was ALLEN NANCE apparently from Granville County, NC. He was born April 12, 1825. He was married twice, first to Ann SUITT and then to Nancy Caroline Ferrell. The children were Henry L., James A., Louis O., Charles L. Samuel G., Mildred C., Virginia Florence (my great grandmother), Viola and Harriet. The family moved to Hopkins County, KY apparently after the Civil War. Any further info that anyone could provide sure would be appreciated. Michael Carroll  (carrollpop3.rma.edu)

(10/27/1998) I would like to know info on the ancestors of BOB NANCE of Bladenboro, Bladen Co, NC. William Nance (williamnancewebtv.net)

(10/23/1998) My Grandfather was JOHN DIXIE NANCE (b. 2/13/1904 d. 9/15/1935, who married Loise Daraughty Smith,  I believe they lived in Moultrie and/or Harstfield, GA (South GA.)  John Dixie Nance's father was JOHN M. NANCE born 1839 died 1910.   Both John Dixie and John M. are buried in a cemetary in Henry Co. TN near Peryear . . . John M. Nance is listed on his gravemarker to have been in the (I believe) 7th Confederate Cavalry.   Gregory Dixon Nance (gdn6juno.com)

(10/17/1998) Seeking information on my great-grandmother: MARINDA NANCE, married JULIUS WHISENHUNT (HUNT) in 1878 in Randolph County, NC. Her father was WILLEY NANCE. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.  Merrey6118aol.com

(10/7/1998) I am seeking information on any connections or information on a THOMAS NANCE, son of JOHN NANCE and Susan, of Cornwall.  Thomas Nance was christened at St. Mewan, Cornwall on 16th November, 1834. Thomas went on to marry a Jane Rafsen, who was born in 1827.  Many thanks for any help given. Lyn Hotchin  (Hotchinbigpond.com)

(9/15/1998) I am trying to locate parents of JOESEPH NANCE, he was bn in KY in 1841. Married Mary ?. In the 1870 Census he was in Metcalfe Co. with children: Judah A, age 3; B. O. (Benjamin Oliver),  age 1. Judah (Judy) was my grandmother. She also had several half-brothers one was Clarence NANCE, the other was Virgil NANCE. I have several letters from ther 1880 and1890 which seem to indicate she may have been married prior to my grandfather J. W. BATY. Any help on this would be appreciated. Jerry Brooks  (jbrooks5hcnews.com)

(8/29/1998) JOHN NANCE b. ca. 1782-87 in NC or VA, died at Henry Co., TN ca. 1872. Had son PETER (1819-1854) of Obion County, TN. John lived as a hunter in the wilds of KY for a number of years. PETER NANCE, b. 1819, son of JOHN, possibly Henry or Obion Co, TN, m. 1st Malinda Ferris ca. 1844 in Obion Co, m. 2nd Martha Wilson ca. 1846 in Henry Co. They had children: Malinda b. ca. 1845, James Theophilius (b. 1847, d. 1883, m. Mary Eleanor Poyner), Sarah Albans, Leni Leota, and Melecanth.  PETER died ca. 1854 in Troy, Obion Co, and is buried there. PETER changed his last name to NANTS, and it has stayed that way in this branch of the family to this day.  I am seeking any information on JOHN and on PETER's ancestry, or anyone descended from him.  Chris Wanamaker (c.wanamakerpop.snet.net)

[NOTE:  This family is listed in the "Nance Register" in Book 5 - Division XII - Short Lineages, Chapter IV. The book is generally accurate except that the name is James Theophilius (as shown above), and not "Theo. Thelous." as shown in the "Nance Register"]

(8/29/1998) My grandfather, James K. CONNER, was the son of Joe CONNER and SARAH J. NANCE. James was born in Fort Worth 25 Feb 1870 or 1873 and died 14 June 1966 in Oklahoma City, His sisters, Ora COLEY of Lawton, OK and Josie CHESTNUT of Tareyton, TX, survived him. I have no information at all about SARAH NANCE or any other members of the family, except the family stories that she was a Choctaw and spent her latter years on a reservation in or near Caddo County, OK. Any information or clues on how to find her would be greatly appreciated. PATTIBATESaol.com

(8/28/1998) I can trace the Nances back to my gr.gr.gr. grandfather, DANIEL NANCE (born 1750-1760). Daniel had a son, ELIJAH (b. 1800, m.1st Polly Mannon 2d. Rachel Harrison), ELIJAH had a son, SOLOMAN, (born 3-28-1839, m. Susan Burcham), SOLOMAN had a son, JOHN, (b. 6-30-1866, m. Nora Reed,  d. 6-1-1905), JOHN had a son, WM. THOMAS, (b. 11-25-1898, d. 1-21-1968), my father. We know DANIEL NANCE was in Kanawha Co VA (now in WV) in 1806. We know he was in Lawrence Co OH in 1818, where they first appeared on tax list. The mystery is where DANIEL and ELIJAH died and are buried. No one has found any info on this. The only thing, maybe they died out in the county somewhere and it was not recorded. Someone said maybe they went out west. Pauline Nance Wheeler  (PWhe100153aol.com)

[NOTE: Check out this website's list of Nances in Ohio to get some idea of the scope of this "lost" branch of the Nance family!]

(8/1/1998) Looking for members of the J.A. NANCE family of Abbeville County, SC. This J.A. NANCE signed off as a witness to the will of John M. BRYANT born 1819 died in 1892. J. A. Nance married the daughter of Simon S. Briant/Bryant. Simon's daughter's name was Catherine S. Bryant. If you have any information on this connection between J.A. NANCE and John M. BRYANT brother of Simon S. BRIANT all of Abbeville County, SC Please contact me. Susan Sanders Reaney(SSReaneyaol.com)

(7/29/1998) I am trying to locate information on the parents and siblings of SARAH A. NANCE, my great-grandmother. She was born 10/16/1842 and married THOMAS W. DANFORTH on 12/16/1857 in Goliad, TX. She had 17 (!) children and died 1/9/1933. I have emailed someone about a JOSEPH NANCE that was born 1823 and married Elizabeth Pugh. Their firstborn was SARAH, born about 1842. Hopefully there is a connection. Thank you for any information. Melissa Danforth Rogers (Melissa915aol.com)      [NOTE: See Query of 5/25/1999]

(8/1/1998) Looking for information on ANDREW JACKSON NANCE and descendants. My mother is Marie Helen Nance Morgan, b. 6/2/1915. Her parents were Benjamin Tobias Nance, b. 11/11/1886, in Jeffersonville, IN, a carpenter by trade, murdered in Columbus, Ohio 10/21/1949, and Alma Martha Eben, b. 8/1/1888, d. 3/0/1978. Benjamin's parents were ANDREW JACKSON NANCE (also b. in Jeffersonville, IN) and Josephine Butcher. Josephine was b. May 1857 and d. 7/9/1929. They resided in Rio Grande, OH. County seat of Gallopolis, Ohio, which is Gallia. Benjamin Tobias Nance had 2 brothers. Patty Moccabee (Irishairnet.net)

(7/25/1998) Looking for any information relating to HENDERSON NANCE b. about 1808 and d. 9/28/1858 intestate in Cumberland Co KY. Believed to have two wives: 1st Sally and 2nd Perlina married 1853. Known children A.M, Dabney, Thomas, Albert H, Lucy Ellen, and Permelia. Some think family may have come from TN to KY. Sandy Lee (SJLEE46aol.com)

(5/31/1998) Nances of Rowan Co NC -- I looking for my g-g-grandmother supposed to be REBECCA DAVIS NANCE. Her dau. Elizabeth m. my g-g-grandfather Alfred Johnson in Gold Hill, NC in 1880. Her husband was John or William and may have be in the Confederate army. She had at least one son Benjamin Franklin also of Gold Hill. He is buried at Faith NC. Thanks for any info. Blair J. Devine(devinedabts.net)

(5/26/1998) I am searching for the parents of RICHARD W. NANCE and/or his wife, Sylvestra Fretwell (Frotwell) Nance Adams. Richard W. Nance was b.1821 Talledega, AL, d. abt. 1857 TX. Richard m. Sylvestra (or Selva) Fretwell (or Frotwell) Jan 30, 1842 in Jefferson Co., Alabama. Sylvestra was born in 1821 in Talledega, Alabama. They had three boys, Benjamin (b. 1843), Samuel (b. 1847), and John (b. 1859) Nance, who were born in Talledega, Alabama. By 1850, the family was in East Texas, in Rusk County, near the Texas-Louisiana border. My ancestor and their fourth son, William Hensley Nance, was born on March 31, 1852 in Texas (probably in Henderson in Rusk Co.) He died on October 2, 1928 in Bay City, Matagorda Co., Texas. He had two wives, Mary Elizabeth Fowler, b. Dec. 10, 1859 in Alabama, m. 1880, and died November 28, 1903 in Bay City, Texas; and Maggie Margaret Irwin, who he married later in life. Richard and Sylvestra had another two daughters, Alabama Nance, b. 1854, and Frances B. Nance Short Calhoun, b. Jan. 13, 1856 in Henderson, Rusk Co., Tx. and died Aug. 6, 1916 in Bay City, Tx. I later find Sylvestra married to William Adams (b. 1825) on the 1870 Census in Van Zandt Co., Texas. With William Adams, Sylvestra has at least two more children, Jefferson Adams, b. 1860, and Rachel Annie Adams, b. May, 1862. I find no record of what happened to Richard W. Nance or their first three sons, Benjamin, Samuel, and John. I had an e-mail once from a woman who said she was related to Alabama Nance. She promised to send me some information, but I never heard from her again. It is all quite mysterious. Debbie Ashley Nance :-) (DASHLEYNAOL.COM)

(5/22/1998) NANCE'S IN EARLY OHIO -- Seeking parents of LEVI NANCE, born c 1824, Ohio, per census. I would like names of ALL early NANCES/singles/couples in OHIO BY 1830. I can compare census, etc. There is a William I think on the 1815 tax record-res. Penna! and Ohio. They moved to ILL. by 1850's, Adams, Quincy..., and are in the 1870 census for Chariton Co., MO. - I have a post about Levi here. Thanks a lot. I have LDS NANCE info to share. Bob Moore, San Diego (BobNimsaol.com)

(5/20/1998) Seeking any data on JOHN W. NANCE and MARY VAUGHAN HOARD NANCE of Halifax co. Va. Believe that they had 8 children: Mary, William, Judith, Frederick, Sarah, Susan, and John, Jr. Appreciate any response. Thanks, Phil Duke (cobbtownemail.msn.com)

(5/6/1998) Can anyone tell me who J. W. NANCE b. 24 Sep. 1829 and died 8 May 1900 is? This person is buried in Llano Cemetery in Llano County, Texas. Any help appreciated. Etta Shepherd (ehushep1airmail.net)

(4/20/1998) Looking for information on PETER NANCE and wf  TILLATHA. Children thought to be Catherine, George, Mary Elizabeth, John Jacob, Sarah, Peter, and Margaret. My line is through CATHERINE NANCE m John Shade b 1755, d 1824 in Baltimore MD. Any information or published source will be appreciated. Bill Hallmark (bhallmrkflash.net)

(4/18/1998) I would like information on STEPHEN WYNN NANCE b. 1862 d.1922 married Louise (Lou) Lynn b. 9/23/1872 d. 4/4/1940. Son of ATKINSON NANCE b. 1833 d. 1890 married Celia Smith b. 5/1/1838 d. 11/5/1910. I am looking for information on Celia Smith's family; her father is believed to be a Stephen Smith of Marion, SC. The parents of ATKINSON were WYNN NANCE b. 1812 and Abigail Barnes b. 1815. Wynn is the son of DANIEL HOLMES NANCE b. 1791 d. 1826, 1st wife unknown, 2nd wife was Marntha Nichols b. 1790 d. 1876. The parents of Daniel Holmes were WYNN NANCE b. 1761 and DORTHIA HOLMES of Duplin, NC. WYNN is the son of DANIEL NANCE, III and Patience Wynn of Bladen Co, NC. Any information would be greatly appreciated. I am researching Nance, Smith (names of Smith grandfathers are Stephen Smith m. Mary(Polly) Huggins, Samuel Smith m. Keziah Lane, Samuel Smith m. Molly Rice, John Smith, Sr. m. Mary ?; the Smith family was from Craven and Marion Co, SC), Barnes, Nichols, Lynn, Holmes, Wynn. I will be happy to share the information I have with anyone who needs it. Ann Nance Kneeland (AnieGranyaol.com)

(3/28/1998) I am looking for any info on WILLIAM M. NANCE, born on 7 April, 1820. He married Caroline Howard in Jan, 1844. There were 2 daughters that I know of, Emily Caroline Isabella, and Adeline. Isabella was my great-great grandmother who married Robert J Baise/Bayes in 1866. I also believe that Isabella was married previously to a Garland. EBaise (Ebaiseaol.com)

NOTE: See the "Odds and Ends" entry for March 30, 1998 -- Bible record - line of James Nance, b. 25 Oct 1783

(3/15/1998) Seeking info on parents and siblings of my ggmo, MINERVA ELIZABETH NANCE, b. 17 Nov 1833 where? Possible TN. Two of her known brothers are Wright b 1828 and Josiah b. 1826 NANCE. (both born TN). A suspected Sister, Sarah b. 1836 (m. Alan S. TATE) resided in Missouri. In 1850 Josiah and Wright residing in Wright Co. MO. Where were Minerva & Sarah? (neither yet married). 1860 finds Minerva (m. Martin Ross MCGOWEN ca 1853), Josiah and Wright in Christian Co. MO. Help please!!! Wright moved to Izard Co. AR, Collin Co. TX, his family settled in Burnet Co. TX. Minerva and family stayed in and around Texas and Webster Counties MO. What happened to Josiah? Any info appreciated. --- Also to Ed NANCE, descendant of Wright NANCE, my e-mails to you have been returned. Please contact me again giving me your snail mail address. Etta Hughes Shepherd (ehushep1airmail.net)

(3/11/1998) My father is Charles Lesley Nance, living, 81 years of age. His father (my grandfather) was VIRGIL OSCAR NANCE, who died in 1974, and who married Zuda Mae Sasser. His father (my great-grandfather) was SANFORD NANCE, who married "Susan". He died before my father was born (i.e., bef. 1917). My father had several brothers - no sisters: Cecil N. Nance, Oscar E. Nance, Vaudie V. Nance, Luther Lester Nance, Ernest R. Nance, and Dennis E. Nance. There was also a Nance related to me who, a long time ago, operated a bus line in Paris, Texas. His name was Lum Nance. Donna J. Nance Howell (DJHowellneto.com)

(3/4/1998) ISAAC JEFFERSON NANCE, b. 18 Feb 1863 MO, d. 20 Oct 1918 age 55, Independence Co AR, m. 13 May 1888 in Jackson, Cape Girardeau, MO to AMANDA SHEPPARD, b. 13 Jun 1865 MO d.12 July 1938, Independence Co AR. They were married at residence of JOHN SINKS. They moved to Independence Co AR soon after they married, their oldest daughter was born 1889 in AR. Isaac was a whiskey taster for the US Goverment and also worked in delevery of mail. Isaac and Amdanda's Children: 1. BEOLAH Nance dau. b.Feb 1889 AR; 2. ELMUS son b.Sep 1890 AR; 3.CLAUDE son b. 1891 AR; 4.HAZEL dau b.Oct 1895; 5.GUY b.Jan 1897; 6.CREEDE b.Jan 1899 AR. On death certificate of Isaac J. his father is listed as THOS. NANCE. Some of the family say his father was CALDWELL NANCE. Could it be THOMAS CALDWELL BANCE? We have thought that he may be the son of the THOMAS NANCE who moved to Jackson Co AR abt. 1861,(no proof) and Thomas does not list ISAAC J. as a son. Thanks for any help. Dortha Heathcoat Gamel (dgamelschweg.com)

(2/27/1998) Seeking info about MILDRED NANCE, b. abt. 1775. She was in Pittsylvania Co, VA in 1850 and 1860. May have had a dau. named Mary H. Nance who m. John H. Forkes, a minister. Would like names of her children, if possible. Phillip Duke (cobbtownmsn.com)

(2/27/1998) ELVIRA NANCE married Washington Taylor in Bedford County, VA on November 15, 1800. Surety was Allsup Taylor and they were married by James Mitchell. Elvira was my ggggrandmother and was mother of Francis M. Taylor (better known as F.M.). F.M. later moved to Fluvanna County, Va. Just starting my research into the Taylor and Nance families of Bedford County. Any information on Elvira would be sincerely appreciated and I am willing to share info I have on her son F. M. Taylor and his family. Jim Taylor in Newport News, VA (ACQCVAaol.com).

(2/12/1998) Looking for any info on OLIVE (OLLIFF) "OLLIE" NANCE, b. ca. 1810 in NC, maybe in Watauga Co. Married to Noah Howington. Any info greatly appreciated. Reply to CSHDTHaol.com.

(1/30/1998) Looking for descendents of the siblings of my great-grandfather WILLIAM CALLAHILL NANCE b. January 1847, Daviess Co MO. His siblings, as listed in the "Nance Register", were: Edward, Archibald, Darius, Charity, Peter, Mary, Charles, Davis. Gail Schmitz (klamatharkansas.net)

(1/21/1998) I am trying to find the parents of WRIGHT NANCE, b.1828, m. Catherine Doty, b.1832. They had 11 children: Lusyan, b.1850; Joel, b.1853; Matilda, b.1855, d.1938; Mary, b.1856; Susan, b.1857; Daniel, b.1858; John C. (my g.f.), b.1861, m. Mollie Elizabeth Spencer, d.1932 at Oglesby; Elviry, b.1864; Owen H., b.1864; Bradford, b.1866; and William Frank, b.1878. John C. and Mollie (Spencer) Nance had 6 children: Catherine, b.1891; Samuel Herbert, b.1892; Bertha, b.1900; Claude Butler, b.1902, m. Hettie Viola Reed 1923, d.1974.; C. H., b.1905; Minnie, b.1907 (killed by a train at age 8). Would appreciate anything. Thanks - Ed Nance (efnancesprynet.com)

(1/17/1998) Want any info on the family of JAMES C. NANCE,b. abt. 1817 in NC, m. abt. 1851 to Sarah (Sallie) A. Clark (b.12/6/1833). Census of 1860 had his family living in Horse Pasture Div., Henry Co, VA; Census of 1870 had family living in Patrick Co, VA. Death Register of Patrick Co VA has James C. Nance d. in April 1870 of pneumonia at 52 years of age. Sarah Nance d. 12/2/1903 in Stokes Co NC. Their children: Willis A. Nance(b. 5/19/1852 Henry Co, VA, m. Patrick Co 12/31/1872 to Alice J. Campbell); John H. Nance(b. 1854 Patrick Co. VA; m. Henry Co 2/14/1878 to Jemima E. Shelton); James Newton Nance (b. 4/1856, m. 1st Henry Co VA 8/8/1880 to Susan Clark, m. 2d Stokes Co 12/29/1895 to Lilliam Emma Webster); George W. Nance (b. 9/8/1857 Patrick Co, m. 12/21/1882 Rockingham Co, NC to Elizabeth "Betty" Robertson); Tobias "Toby" Overton Nance (b.1858 Henry Co, m. Henry Co 12/20/1881 to Flora Robertson); Levi Nance (b. 1859 VA ?); Martha A. Nance (b. 1860 Stokes Co, m. Stokes Co 1/6/1880 Willis G. Clark); Mary "Mollie" Nance (b.1863 Henry Co, m. Henry Co 1/15/1880 James S.Clark); Thomas C. Nance (b.1864, d.1866 in Henry Co); Clay Isaac Nance (b.1866, d.1887 Henry Co); Francis Marion Nance (b.7/20/1869 in VA, m. Stokes Co. 4/5/1896 to Laura Eisebell Bennett). We also hope to hear something about Sarah A. Clark. Jo Ann Nance Balser, Eden, NC(jbalservnet.net).

(1/7/1998) Seeking info (parents, etc) re: LEVI NANCE, b. abt. 1825, OH (this may be the same Levi as in the post here dated 1-5-98 from Pat--??). He may have lived near Adams, Quincy, IL in 1850's, as relatives did. He is in the MO (Chariton Co?) census of 1870 as married to Sarah C.____ (born 1837 in MO). Three children. Mrs. Levi NANCE, (Sarah C. NANCE) was living in Chariton Co (Laclede?) around 1900. No Levi listed; he may have died. Where could I get any death records??? Seeking: Levi's parents and Sarah's maiden name/parents and/or sources for getting this information. Bob Moore (BobNimsaol.com)

(1/5/1998) Any information on the following Nances would be greatly appreciated: GEORGE ELMORE NANCE b. 1801 d.1881; his children: Lucinda Nance b.4/23/1823, Levi Nance b.9/7/1825, Avelle Nance b.6/18/1827, Harrison Nance b.8/15/1829, David Nance b. 7/15/1831, GEORGE ALEXANDER NANCE b 1/6/1834, John V. Nance b.3/6/1835, and Mary E. Nance b.7/6/1839. GEORGE ALEXANDER NANCE m. abt. 1852 Ailcey Adeline Isom (b: 1824 d: 1878), and their children were: Ailcey Adaline Nance b.8/13/1863 d. 8/30/1944, John Henry Nance b.1854, Eliza Caroline Nance b. 1859, Jansi Hardy Nance b. 1862, George M. Nance b.1855, Andrew Nance b. 1864, Arvilla Nance b.1857, and M. Bell Nance b.1868. AILCEY ADALINE NANCE, my grandmother, m. John Andrew Key (b: April 19, 1859 in Carroll Co MO d: March 1962 in Carroll Co MO). I would love to hear from anyone who has ancestors or decendants of these Nances. Pat Calton (patticalcomputerhut.net)

(12/31/1997) I am looking for the parents of HARRISON A. NANCE born before 1815 KY; m.(1) Ellen McElroy and (2) Nancy J Hutchinson. Lived in KY, IN, IL and AR. We do not know where he died. He had William Riley Nance, Nelly and Mary Ann. Thanks for any help. Write to flcrkrswbell.net.

(12/27/1997) Looking for information on EDGAR A. NANCE, born in Illinois Nov 4 1873 and died in Brawley, Imperial County, CA. He was married a Mary E. Kussman of Nebraska and they had a son, Edgar A. Nance Jr., born January 11, 1897 in Denver Colorado. citrushankaol.com.

(12/27/1997) Looking for information about GEORGE HOLDEN NANCE who was born in Illinois on January 16, 1885.  nancelightspeed.net

(12/2/1997) I am looking for any information on the family of RICHARD NANCE b.abt.1794 possibly in Va. He m., abt. 1833, Jane (?) of KY. They moved to OH abt.1834 where their children were born: Samuel, (my ancestor, married Mary J. McCoy Dec. 1856), Louisa, Asa, Lucinda, Luctia, Mary and Elizabeth. Richard and Jane are buried in Jackson Co, OH. Any info on this family is greatly appreciated. Please contact Charlotte (CBurton367aol.com)

(11/7/1997) Looking for information on JAMES MATTHEW NANCE, born in MO in 1849, married Lucinda Lipe who was born in IL in 1852. Their children included WILLIAM ARTHUR NANCE, b. 1886, and Relielgh Nance and Millie Nance both b. 1892. WILLIAM ARTHUR NANCE married Minnie Bell Marks, they had eleven children together, two that didn't make it to the age of 1. One of their surviving children was BEULAH MAE NANCE, my grandmother, who married Wilmer Logan. Melissa Logan (mloganiwc.edu)

Trying to find any info. on GIDEON ALLEN NANCE SR. b: Aug-22-1816 in NC. d:??/??/1896 in Ft.Worth, TX. Md: Allie E. ???? ??/??/???? where ???, 2nd md: Minerva Hutsheon ??/??/???? where ?? his father is Frederick Woodson Nance. Need any info on Gideon Allen Nance Sr. that you have. Thank You - Dee ( wpurvis513aol.com )

(10/19/1997) I am seeking information on this line of Nances: My great-grandmother was LOUETTA VIRGINIA NANCE. Her parents were JOHN CATHEY NANCE and Emeline Malinda Smith. John C.'s parents were WILLIAM NANCE and Martha Pryor. William's parents were JERI MYER NANCE and Sara Smith, who was part Cherokee Indian. paxBellsouth.net.

(NOTE: I bet that "Jeri Myer" Nance was "Jeremiah" Nance - DBN)

(10/16/1997) Looking for information on the family (brothers, sisters and parents) of my g-g-grandfather ASHLEIGH NANCE. We beleive he came from a large family. He ran away from home (Indiana we beleive) in the 1800's. He lived and died in Missouri. No one remembers his first wife's name. His second wife's name was Francis. His sons were Noah (My g-grandfather), Ashleigh, and 2 others. He also had 3 daughters, Nora, Dora, and 1 other. Any information on this Nance family would be helpful. Scott P. Nance (snanceiland.net).

(10/9/1997) Looking for information on LEWIS NANCE, born in 1780 in KY. He married Anna Caldwell Hayes in AR in 1830. She was his second wife. Their children were Martha Catherine(1830), David R.(1832), Harriet(1834), Daniel W.(1836), Joseph(1837), Nancy Ann(1840), Lewis A.(1843). They were all born in Hempstead Co., AR. Susan Carpenter (Tetherwaldworldnet.att.net).

(10/3/1997) Looking for any information on TERRELL NANCE, b. VA or NC, m. Elizabeth Oakes in Henry Co., VA, 1822. HELP! Can not find his parents. Thanks. Robert S. Nance (bobnanceibm.net)

(10/3/1997) Looking for information on HENRY ADDISON NANCE, b. Terre Haute IN ?? date unknown, d. Oct 1899 Parkin (Clay Co) AR buried Corning (Cross Co) AR. Married to Margaret Rebecca Dukes. Bill Huntington (billhfutureone.com)

(9/7/1997) Looking for the family of STEPHEN NANCE and VIRGINIA NANCE, who were brother and sister. They were born in Henry Co., Tennessee. Probably around 1815 to 1830. Thanks to Jim Nance for getting me this far back. Some names that stand out as maybe names in the family are OBADIAH, PRESTON, ELVA. These could be maternal or paternal names. Could also have been more siblings than STEPHEN and VIRGINIA. Anyone who can help me get directed into the right Nance family, your help would be apprieciated. Thanks. Pamela S. Brown (garyhpdc.com)

(8/19/1997) Looking for any information about my grandmother Alice Viola NANCE Denning born in Catlin, Illinois in 1885. Married George William Denning. I know nothing about my grandparents and I'd REALLY like to! Many thanks!. Carolyn Hayes Uber (Cuberuberadv.com)

(8/21/1997) Looking for the parents of FREDERICK NANCE (1770), CLEMENT NANCE (1773) and ROBERT NANCE (1776), 3 brothers who were born reported to have been born in Amelia Co VA or Bedford Co VA. FREDERICK was born Aug 13, 1770, married Elizabeth Rutherford; died Feb 10, 1840 in Newberry, SC. CLEMENT, my 3rd Great Grandparent, was born Feb 27, 1773, married Elizabeth Sanders Gilliam; died Nov 18, 1843 in Newberry, SC. ROBERT was born January 10, 1776; he married Sally Walker in Lunenburg Co VA; died Nov 17, 1822 in Newberry, SC.They travelled to Newberry, SC in the early 1800s as all are on the 1810 Census there. Frederick was said to have been the first settler in the "village" of Newberry. Robert Nance and Sally Walker were in Lunenburg Co VA in 1799 when they were married. These three Nance brothers were active in the government of Newberry. Frederick was at one time a SC state senator and also Lt. Gov. of SC. Elsie L. Wright (rwrightjsucc.jsu.edu)

(8/10/1997) Looking for a NANCE that md. a SELSAR/SELSER/SELTZER. Don't know any more about them except that they had a son, George R_____ NANCE b. 28 August 1875 [according to SSDI], or 1885/1888 at Osceola, St. Clair Co., MO. he md. ca 1905 to Ethyl Mable SKIFF. George d. 24 Nov. 1963 in San Joaquin Co., CA. They also had a son, George Henry NANCE b. 1915 in CA. The name George seems to run through the family. This is my daughter-in-law's family, and this is all the data she has on her NANCE. Thank you. Barbara J. Morehead (barbmorenorthcoast.com)

(8/8/1997) Looking for CLEMENT H. NANCE (b. 8 Dec 1818 KY d. 25 May 1888 Mcdonald County, MO). He married (1) Rachel ___, and they had Susanah NANCE (born in MO), W.F. William NANCE (born in MO), and Mary NANCE (born in MO). CLEMENT H. NANCE married (2) Catherine Esabelle McRae Beck, and they had Daniel Jackson NANCE (born in MO), John Sterling NANCE (born in MO), Phillip Thomas NANCE (born in TX), Marion Simpson NANCE (born in TX), Robert Lee NANCE (born in MO), and Charles Webster NANCE (born in MO). I have no information on Clement's parents and would be very appreciative of any help or ideas. Middle names played an important part within this family and I know that they are a vital link to this puzzle. But, so far, I have no connections. laurie in san antonio (mslhatxaol.com)

(7/24/1997) I am researching my Nance line, but have hit a brick wall. The last known Nance I have traced back to was WILLIAM A. NANCE b. 1819 m. Martha Ann Pryor. Known location Lincoln Co., NC. Tracing back to me - it was FRANCIS OR FRANKLIN ASBURY NANCE b. 1851 m. Mary Ann Elvira Conrad - location Catawba Co., NC. - ROBERT ALEXANDER NANCE b. 1877 m. Roxanna Blanton - location Catawba Co., NC. - MYRTLE MAE NANCE (my grand- mother). I have found a lot of Nances through the internet, but not sure if they are a direct line. HELP!! If you can. Diana McAfee (matt5netnitco.net)

(7/24/1997) Researching JACK NANCE, also called John or Jack Fultz. From the Claiborne County Observer in Tennessee January 23, 1980 by P.G.Fulkerson: Jack Fultz (commonly called JACK NANCE) came to Craker's Neck. He married Patsy Fullington. His children were: David, who married Nance Wooten; Ann, married Shadrach Williams; Betsy, married Jerry Roark; Priscilla, married Jefferson Cheek; France, married Malinda Murphy; John, married Mallissa Murphy; Alex; married Nancy Kirk; Margaret, married Danial Moore. Jack Fultz was bound when a boy to a man by the name of NANCE, and was called NANCE. My line is JOHN FULTZ (NANCE) married Martha (Patsy) Fullington. One child was a girl named Elizabeth (Betsy) Fultz who married Jeremiah Roark in Claiborne County, Tenn bef 1836. Any help with this family whould be greatly appreciated. Merriam White (merriamsprintmail.com)

(7/20/1997) John Combs married 31 May 1779 BIDDY NANCE, Joseph Pourter bondsman. Wilkes Co., N.C. I need more information on BIDDY. John Combs' brother Harrison-Henry Combs married Rachel Clements, d/o Benjamen Clements, Mason Combs, surety. Marriage by Edward MORGAN 9-21-1788 I noted the name CLEMENT NANCE and other instances of the Clements name. Thanks. Linda Manlove (LManloveaol.com)

(7/19/1997) Am descended from WILLIAM NANCE of Halifax Co Va through his grandaughter LAVINA FRANCES NANCE who m. James Bates. Her will appears in the Jan Court of January 1837, Halifax Co. I have the court record of William Nance and Mary, his wife, plaintiffs, and George Woodward and Lucy, his wife, who was the widow and administratrix of Timothy Vaughan, the son, defendants, in a suit over the will (dated 1 Dec 1759) of Timothy Vaughan, the father, of New Kent Co. This information fits nicely with the information from Parthena W. (Nance) Hill. Will be glad to share what I have. Would like to know the name of parents of LAVINA FRANCES NANCE. Grace Bates, Charleston, SC (Gbates1015aol.com)

(7/19/1997) I am looking for info on my Great Great Great Grandfather PLEASANT NANCE who married Eliza Barker Nov. 15, 1836 in VA? Had a son (ELKANY, ALCANY or ALANIE) NANCE b. Henry Co. VA m. Mary C. Owens (b. Roanoke Co. VA) Nov. 24 1874 in Montgomery Co. VA. Alanie & Mary's son is BEVERLY NANCE b. Dec 18, 1881 in Montgomery Co. VA d Jul 24, 1952 in Radford VA. was married to Lula Carr b. Mar 10, 1885 d. Oct 25, 1972 in Radford VA. Beverly and Lula son is Woodrow Russel Nance Sr. b. Mar 11, 1914 in Radford VA, currently living in Clinton TN was married to Sarah Elizabeth Sowers b. Feb 10 or 12, 1917 in Floyd Co, VA. d. Feb 8, 1996 in Oak Ridge TN. Woodrow and Sarah have a son Woodrow Russell Nance Jr. b. Mar 12, 1938 in Radford VA Wife Wanda June Minton b. Aug 14, 1941 New Tazewell TN. This is all the info I have so far relating to the Nances. If any one knows of anything else Id sure appreciate it. Thanks! Sonia Nance Kinback (soniagate.net)

(7/17/1997) Looking for information regarding John & Martha (Estes) Nance's second son SPOTTSWOOD NANCE (SR.), who md. a Mary Ann Nance, the dau. of Peyton Skipper Nance, who was a son of Reubin, who was the son of William & Ann Nance. Spottswood Sr. had a son SPOTTSWOOD JR., who m. Iantha Nance, dau. of Thorpe Hoad Nance, who was also a son (# 11) of John & Martha Nance. Spottswood A. Nance was a merchant in Dallas, d. 1920, bur. Oak Cliff Cem. Jim E. Nance (nanlkfrnanjuno.com)

(7/11/1997) Hope someone can help me find information on JANE NANCE, birthdate and place unknown. JANE was the mother of my grandmother ZULA MARSHALL BOWLES, who was born March 30, 1881 (or 1882) in or around Hickory NC (Burke or Catawba Co). JANE married JOHN MARSHALL, birthplace and birthdate also unknown. Jane was probably born sometime after 1850. JANE NANCE died young, leaving her husband with six young children. The children were given out to other families to be raised. My grandmother was raised by a family in the Hickory area named BELL. In 1907, Zula married JOHNNIE GAY BOWLES and I believe the marriage took place in the Hickory area. One of my mother's brothers died in the mid-1950s in Mooresville NC and I recall that there were NANCE relatives at that funeral. Any information will be sincerely appreciated. Brenda Pflaum (BrendaBPAOL.com )

(7/8/1997) Looking for information on grandfather ____ NANCE- Only information is sons, JOHN, FRANK, LESTER, JIM & WILLIE- daughter BELLE. Children lived in Bladen County near Dublin, NC. Jim Nance (JDNanceworldnet.att.net)

(6/28/1997) Looking for the ancestors of WILLIARD P NANCE. Born 8-2-1850. He married POLLY PAGE LINVILLE. His children were OBADIAH, GRACE, LAURA, GLADYS, MAE, ETTA, MYRTLE, & JANIE NANCE. The children were born in Attica, Harper Co., Kansas in the late 1800's. From there they moved into the Cherokee Strip in Oklahoma, where they spent the rest of their lives. I haven't a clue as to where they came from before Kansas. Thanks for any help someone might have. Pamela S Brown (garyhpdc.com)

Looking for the following family!!! JAMES NANCE (b.11 Apr 1854, d. 19 May 1921), m. Nancy __ (b.14 Feb 1858, d. 22 Sep 1909) They had the following children: FRANK N.(who lived in Knoxville TN), Sam, Luther, Rufus, Mack, Horace, James N., and John, as well as 4 daughters. FRANK N Nance m.(1) Daisy Johnson, 11 Mar 1908 in Knox Co TN. They had the following children: ANNA MAE, Ben(Worked for RR?), Mary, Roy (worked for RR), Charlotte, Elizabeth, and Sandy(still living?). FRANK N Nance m.(2) Unknown; their children were Mack and Carl. ANNA MAE, b. 1911 in Granger Co, d.1986, m. Walter Lee Price Sr., b.abt.1906 Humbult, Gibson Co TN, son of William Price & Goins. They had the following children: Mona June PRICE (my husband's mother), "Sonny" PRICE, "Buddy" PRICE. Please contact Jeri Garner (jerigarneraol.com)

(6/8/1997) Interested in the lines of: ELIJAH NANCE m. Susanna Adems, their son was ROBERT NANCE, b.1848; and OTWAY NANCE m. Martha C. Morrbitt Inman,their daughter was SARAH ANN NANCE b. 1857. Robert Nance and Sarah Ann Nance married; their son was CHARLES NANCE, b. 1880 MO, who m. Zona Black ,b.1857 MO. Their son was ROBERT REX NANCE, b.1923 MT, who m. Leta Keener b.1925. Diane Nance (ladydiicehouse.net)

( 5/30/1997) PATRICIA LEE NANCE -- Jane Nance, b. 3-31-1824, d. 3-18-1911, daughter of Edmund Nance and Anna Simms, married Samuel B. Shryer, b. 1-22-1820 d. 1-26-1900. They were married 2-1-1842. In researching Samuel B. Shryer I found a note that a Great Aunt had written long ago mentioning a James Shryer and PATRICIA LEE NANCE. It seems that might be Samuel B. Shryer's parents. I would like any information on this PATRICIA LEE NANCE. Possible areas would be Missouri and Kentucky. It was also mentioned that the Shryer's were from Wales. Could this Nance have been too? Joni Mueller (muellermicron.net )

(5/29/1997) PETER NANCE b. 1780 KY or VA, d. 1850, m. Elizabeth Thorton, b.1790. The children of Peter and Elizabeth were: Harrison, b. 1816; Wesley, b. 1818; Jane, b. 1820; Fountain, b. 1821; Harvey, b. 1822; Strawder, b. 1828; Jesse, b. 1831; Letha, b. 1832; Richard, b. 1832; Elizabeth, b.1836; William, b. 1839; and Peter, b. 1843. Researcher is looking for any information about Peter's parents. Dick Nance (Rnance5533aol.com)

(5/22/1997) ROBERT NANCE married Judith Ann Marshall (b. 1749) and they had one daughter I know of, JUDITH NANCE. Judith is the daughter of John Marshall of Mecklenburg County, VA; I descend through Benjamin Marshall, another of his children. The offspring of Robert and Judith Ann would be my cousins...I am anxious to find out more details about this family and its descendants. Anne Marshall Parker (parkeragte.net)

(5/8/1997) I am looking for info re SARAH NANCE, wife of our ancestor William Payne. He died in 1818 in Pittsylvania Co, VA. They were married I believe in Middlesex Co, VA. I wonder if her father was JOHN NANCE, who d. 6 Jul 1762 in Lunenburg Co and whose will names a Sarah. Ermine Payne (tutysenrpraxis.net)

(5/8/1997) Looking for information pertaining to JOSEPH NANCE, b.abt 1823, m.(1) (in Maury County TN) Elizabeth Pugh. Their children: Sarah A., b.abt.1842; Margaret E., b.abt.1844; John W., b.abt.1846; Nancy E., b.abt.1849; James Henderson, b.1852. Joseph Nance m.(2) Nancy Pugh. Children: M.A., b.1858. Stephan Adelson (Sadelsonmsn.com)


I wanted to let you know that I have finally found the parents (and more) of Joseph Walker Nance. You were correct in assuming that the WALKER was the mother's maiden name:

Joseph Walker Nance - Thomas Nance/Elizabeth Walker (Bedford, VA)

And on from there. Thank you for your help. I though you might enjoy hearing of a success.

(4/29/1997) Looking for anything on the Nance's that lived in Ohio. They moved there circa 1790, not sure where the lived before that. I think our line comes from NC. Letters from a cousin ( a long time ago, 1900 ) are from Charlotte, NC. I'm looking for parents of my gr-gr-grandfather WELCOME NANCE. He was born in Ohio,1828. Died in KS, 1909. I've been looking for over 10 years. I'd be grateful for any help you could give me!! Margaret (Maggie) Moore (damamooretri-lakes.net)

(4/20/1997) My husband descends through JOHN WESLEY NANCE born in 1876. John Wesley's father is JAMES YOUNG NANCE. James Young's father is MILES NANCE born 1804 and his father is WILLIAM NANCE. This family of Nance's comes from Wilkes County, North Carolina. I would be very interested to hear if any of these Nance's tie into your family of Nance's. Thanks! Diana Hatch (Rhatchenol.com)

(4/20/1997) Looking for information regarding William Davis (b. 1810 KY) and LUCY ANN NANCE (b. 1816 KY). prob. married in KY. Children included Mary, Margaret, James, Emma, John, Lucy Ann and Laura. The family ived in Bond Co. IL at time of 1850 census.(Also listed in the 1850 Bond Co. census is a BARRICK NANCE, age 23, born IL, along with his wife Charity, age. 17. In their household was a young man named William Harman, age 20, who may have been Charity's brother). Sandy Sanderson London (sandiraworldnet.att.net)

(4/20/1997) Looking for any information on the relationship of LOFE NANCE who married Mally M Steelman b.12-10-1880.I have a great grandmother named CYNTHIA MAE NANCE and this person is not listed as her brother. Maybe a cousin? Roxy Cherniske (wyliemint.net)

(4/2/1997) Trying to find out about the background of WILLIAM FRANKLIN NANCE. I have found conflicting information about this man. One source has him born in N. C. Another source has him born in Tenn. He is the son of JOHN NANCE, who is the son of RICHARD NANCE, who is the son of, another, JOHN NANCE. I have no location for the family prior to Wm. Franklin Nance. From Wm. forward I have quite a bit of information on this branch of the family up to and including my grandchildren.I am willing to share what I have. Leanora Nance (Gypsymommaaol.com)

(3/22/1997) I'm looking for the birthplace in North Carolina and the parents of JOSHUA NANCE born there either in 1802 or 1803. He then traveled to GA, married Hester, and settled in Bayou Township in Jackson County AR. Bayou may have later been called Cowlake Township and is in the Beedeville area of AR now. His children were Jasper and Margaret. My father actually remembers his g-grandfather Jasper and I have found info on his seven children and his son Newt's 22 children. Family lore has been very sure of an English descent not French. Sandra Nance Putzu (SPutzuaol.com)

(3/19/1997) I descend from LEWIS NANCE born December, 1780/1781 in Kentucky. The parents and local of birth are unknown. In June, 1812 he was there in Mississippi a son JAMES was born, the mother and locale in Mississippi unknown. Sometime in 1819/1820 he relocated to Hempstead County, Arkansas, re-marrying there in 1830. He died there on 1 November 1855. I have everything from marriage #2 until the present, even to a few original marriage certificates of his children -- I need, desperately, the parents and origins of Lewis Nance. Desiree de Nantes (TexZilla2aol.com)

(3/16/1997 ) I am seeking descendants of GEORGE W. NANCE, JR, b. 17 Aug 1824 in Green Co, KY and d. 26 Apr 1910 in Boone Co, AR. His children are: Rebecca (m. J. J. Morris) Frank (m. Ellen Alderson), Byrd (m. Nancy Camellia Jenkins), Ellen (m. John Attchley), Walter Scott (my grandfather, m. Sallie Cox) and Stamper (m. Issie Prickett). Colleen Hines (chineswebwide.net)

(2/28/1997) I'm trying to locate the parents of FRANCES MALONE NANCE, b. 1 Apr 1812 VA, d. 4 Jan 1883, bur. in Carr's Chapel Cem. Pike Co., AL. Frances married Rheuben Rainy Morgan, b. 7 May 1810, d. 6 Nov 1883 or 1886, bur. in Carr's Chapel Cem. Pike Co., AL. Their children were Elizabeth S. Morgan (b.1846 AL, m. Madison Carr); John William Morgan (b.17 Jan 1844 Pike Co., AL, d.13 May 1917, bur. Old Ebenezer Cem. Pike Co., AL, m.Martha Ann Gilmore 22 Jan 1867); Frances V. Morgan (b.13 Sep 1848 Pike Co., AL, d.6 Jul 1912, bur. Old Ebenezer Cem. Pike Co, AL, m.Jackson D. Sellers); Henry Hilliard Morgan (b.2 Feb 1849 Pike Co., AL, d.9 Mar 1935, m.Malissie Busby 22 Dec 1871); Cornelia S. Morgan (b.20 Oct 1857 Pike Co., AL, d.17 Feb 1907, m. Loran Green); Mildred Morgan (bur. Wesley Chapel, Pike Co., AL married Ethan LeCroy); Mary Asberry Morgan (b.11 Oct 1837 Pike Co., AL d.1925, bur. AL, m. Madison Gilbert Gay); Martha Morgan (bur. FL, m. D. Radford). I'd appreciate any help you could give me. Diana (WhiteTygrraol.com)

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